S is for Speculum

Lady sat on the edge of the bath with her feet in the bath and a speculum between her legs, lying in the bath with its jaws wide open. For the post S is for speculum

The kink being explored this week is speculums.

Like many women I am no stranger to these duck bill shaped contraptions, in the medical setting. And for me erotic vaginal medical examinations are a hard limit. So what on earth am I doing as the proud owner of a speculum? And why would I want to use one.

I’ll let you in on a little secret shall I?

I’m a fan of vaginal gape. I love watching a lovers face as I hold myself wide for him to inspect my cervix, to spit inside of me from afar and to see the inside of my hot tight hole. I also love to fill myself (or be filled) with all sorts of interesting things. Eventually the fear of medical play gave way to the need to explore gaping more. My rational brain says that, so long as the man between my legs is not pretending to be a doctor then it won’t be classed as medical play, just kinky fuckery. And so I ordered one. When it arrived it remained unused for quite some time. I would pick it up, hold the cold metal in my hands, expand the jaws and then release them again.

It felt like an age, but was likely more just a couple of months before curiosity got the better of me.

I really, really wanted to explore this and watersports together so… that’s what I decided to try. With a full bladder I settled back on the side of my bath. Strangely I was very comfortable there, shoulders resting on my toilet. First came a splodge of cold lube. Then I lined up the speculum and pushed the cold, unyielding metal inside. The first tentative pumps expanding the jaws slightly, before boldly pressing harder. I felt myself gasp and knew I could go no further, not today. While getting to know my shiny new toy I had discovered a gap which I assumed would be in the right position for me to be able to pee while I had it in. This rang true for my experiences in hospital with a catheter tube and speculum (following childbirth) so I was confident the next stage would work. Setting up my video camera on my phone I got into a position I could see inside of myself and watch as the pee would flow over my gaping flesh.

Depending how this worked I had plans for a sequel…

Video: on. Bladder: relaxed. And wait.

And wait….

Feeling the pressure building up I wondered if the metal was pressing on my urethra. I channelled my inner piss-slut and enjoyed the intense sensation where my pee was unable to find its exit. Relax N, relax… and with that the speculum flew out of my pussy propelled by a jet of golden nectar which hit my phone, stopping and deleting the recording in one wet blast.

At this point I almost fell off the side of the bath with laughing so hard. As far as plans going wrong this was about as far off course as it could be!

Lessons have been learnt for next time I get my speculum out to play.

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S is for Speculum was first published on A Leap of Faith.

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  1. Oh, this is awesome! It never occurred to me to pair a speculum with watersporting. And I’m totally laughing at your description of the video-stopping stream and your ass-over-teakettle response. ?

    (Did it damage your phone?)

    1. Thank you missy. I so enjoy trying new things and pushing myself past perceived boundaries. Laughter usually features at some point, particularly if something goes awry ?

  2. Ohhh I’m like you with not liking medical play but I like being stretched so maybe I should bite the bullet and get a speculum – I love the story and can imagine me doing similar ?
    Missy x

    1. I adore mine. The way it feels in my hands is incredible.. I’m glad I used it for the first time alone, but think I will definitely share this with others as time passes and the situation arises.

      I look forward to seeing the beautiful images you create when you do buy one. Both with your camera and your words. Xx

  3. Oh wow! is all I can say. I also hadn’t thought about using a speculum along with watersports, but I can see the appeal. Glad you get to try again with the phone xx

    1. Maybe with a waterproof cover for my phone next time! ?I think it may be easier with an extra set of hands though. Xxx

  4. Oh that really is hilarious! Damn things don’t stay where they’re supposed to do they? I almost hit a nurse with one once when she made me laugh ?

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