relaxing in rubber red catsuit with black trim with a doxy pressed to the open crotch.

Relaxing In Rubber

relaxing in rubber red catsuit with black trim with a doxy pressed to the open crotch.

Relaxing and rubber were two words that a year ago wouldn’t have sounded right together.

It’s odd how in a year I’ve changed from being minutely curious about latex and a little scared, to missing it and my time spent relaxing in rubber.

It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed any rubbery play time, either alone or with LatexC. I’ve been looking through my pictures and found one that instantly made me want to play. (if only I weren’t staying with family away from home) It’s from the same play session as this one but shows a different side to me.

The side that loves to have orgasms while pressing a Doxy to my clit?

Or the side that loves to suck cock?

Particularly when that cock is straining for release due to the excitement of a new smokey black opaque catsuit.

Sinful Sunday

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary badge

Relaxing In Rubber is part of my AtoZ April efforts for 2019. There may well have been another similar image that was published this month. The post Play Date With My Doxy is the other. This image was shared for the former meme Masturbation Monday and inspired lots of sexy tales, not least of which is this one: Memories are Timeless Treasures.


    1. I have had so much fun exploring. And the list just gets longer. Male chastity piqued my interest a few months back and…has reared its head again following a certain sinful Sunday post ?x

  1. Unnnfff!

    *calms down some*

    This is such a striking image. Not just for the obvious cock-sucking reason, but also the POV, colours and composition.

  2. That is such a sexy image and you both look amazing clad in rubber. I am partial to rubber and latex fun too, thanks for sharing this incredibly erotic image.

    1. I haven’t even worn it for housework… Or watching TV.

      Maybe I should start doing both of those things ?

  3. Wow great image, not something I would be comfortable in. It’s brilliant that you have been able to find something you now enjoy that wouldn’t previously.

    1. It was the confidence. The ladies in latex that we see in photos are so slender and glamorous. It took a rubber fetishism for me to feel sexy in rubber. And I’m so so, so glad he came into my world.

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