A dark brick wall, a bin in the middle with a bench either side, illuminated from above by a single lightsource.

The Brick Wall: To Protect Or Confine?

A dark brick wall, a bin in the middle with a bench either side, illuminated from above by a single lightsource.
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With my submission increasing with each passing email exchange, task and unanswered question he was about to change direction. His new plan was to stretch me, to help me up and over the brick wall I’d built for self-protection. What he asked of me next was to prove an ongoing source of worry for quite some time.

I had initially told him that I was straight.

I felt no sexual attraction to females whatsoever. I had also told him that if something was not a hard limit I would explore my sexuality for him. So when he asked me to kiss a woman he knew exactly how hard it would be for me. Everything else he had asked of me had been fairly easy for me psychologically, but this task…..this stretched me a long way past the edge of my comfort zone. Not to my hard limits, but certainly I had to drag myself over the soft limits of my mind. I had no female friends I could ask and no idea where to start looking.

There was a brick wall ahead of me and I had to figure out a way of climbing over.

I wanted to try, I wanted to please him and (curse my curiosity!!) I wanted to see what would happen next. That brick wall was very high, initially I couldn’t find any foot holds. This was partly inexperience, but partly something that P had used against me. Any time I had refused sex with him he would accuse me of being a lesbian. What nonsense that I should allow that to hold me back. But it is human nature to build those walls up, confine ourselves.

I spoke about my fears with sir and he reassured me.

If I did turn out to be solely interested in women would that be a problem?? And what does it matter what other people say anyway? Especially closed-minded men who behave badly? So I kept going. I kept trying. I was close to asking him to help me- this was so hard- but I got lucky. I was a member of slimming world at the time and there was a pre-christmas food evening. The consultant was the life and soul of party time and had brought mistletoe. So I got a kiss on the lips from her. And a kiss from a man in his 60’s who thought that looked like great fun.

Purely by luck I had completed the task.

Talking things through enabled me to see where the issues lay. Sir was on hand to give me guidance and support in the next step. As I lived in a town where everyone knows if you so much as sneeze it was suggested that I cast the net a little further afield. I set up a new email address, a fabswingers account and posted adverts on other sites. I was “considering experimentation”, not looking for anything more. My efforts mostly came up blank.

Looking back now it is obvious why I had no success.

I can see why experienced and passionate women wouldn’t want to play with a nervous woman who may decide it wasn’t for her. Time is precious after all, and newbies aren’t an exciting proposition when it comes to indulging your sexual desires… Whatever form they may take. Still though, I kept trying. Occasionally I would make contact with a woman and have a chat. This moved on to flirting a little. It was odd to see myself stepping a little closer to the boundaries of my mind. I had limited myself for so long that now I was ready to take the plunge I was increasingly frustrated. Wanting to explore a bi side which I hadn’t ever wanted to and delve deeper into my submission. But stuck in a loop of inexperience and rejection.

This online world of hook ups and casual encounters was odd

I had been warned to be aware of scammers which led to one of the most surreal conversations ever…. I wanted to know how I would be able to tell a scammer, and this was part of the response I got:

  • Hey I’m on whatever.com register and we can chat

I asked what the website whatever.com was. It took a few replies from Sir for me to get my head around the fact that it was just an example. For an intelligent woman I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes! If I’m going to feel daft it’s usually around technology- the internet fits right in with that. Fortunately, over 3 years later and I have yet to meet a scammer.

At that point though even a scammer would have been welcome.

What he was asking me to do shouldn’t have been so hard. I wasn’t shying away from working hard, it was a psychological challenge but one that I had accepted and was trying hard to fulfil. I was disappointed that I had only managed to complete my task the first time by luck, I felt I had let us both down when all I wanted to do was please him. It is only recently that I asked him if he was disappointed in me, if I had let him down. He said that I hadn’t, it was part of my journey and it was pleasing him watching me grow. I had accepted this task though and wanted to complete it properly, to the best of my ability.

Besides, just because something is hard doesn’t make it bad.

The Brick Wall: To Protect Or Confine? is the next part of the story behind my blog. You can continue it here: Lady Luck Has No Place In Our Dynamic.


  1. reading your blog posts is like that gripping novel you can’t put down, or the series you wish was in a box set because cannot imagine how you’ll survive the suspense until the next episode. So wonderfully and Naturally written.
    My sexual orientation has also puzzled me during my sexual journey of discovery; and I am learning that there is sexual beauty in many people… regardless of their gender

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