Sadistic Kisses

Sadistic kisses mark my sensitive crease, while my hand, with teal fingernails, covers my pussy

How do you ask for your marks to be topped up? I guess I could have used words… However, I thought I’d introduce him to one of my favourite impact toys. We were almost at the end of a very fun day together when I shared. He weighed it in his hands, pulled me over his knee and the sadistic kisses began.

I’m a fidget bum normally, unless I’m being beaten. But there is something about him, something that makes me sit quietly when we talk, yet wriggle and shake and squirm under his touch. Perhaps the freedom of expression I have currently, as we gently (figuratively speaking) explore things together. Who knows? Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter why.

I’m choosing to trust that if he didn’t like my wriggling and giggling and jiggling he would be less enthusiastic in delivering his sadistic kisses. Or any of the other kisses he shares with me…

Sinful Sunday

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