How To Find Peace In A Busy World

Barefoot escapes the busy world to find peace in a vac bed and enclosure hood. Oil painting filter has been used to give the image a dreamy feel.

In a world that constantly puts demands on us, how do you find peace? Maybe you have a special hobby that gives you the option to zone out for an hour or two. Perhaps you find quiet in the meditative quality of daily chores. Or maybe you can slide off into an alternate universe within the pages of a book. Whatever your escape from the busy looks like, I think we can all agree that it’s important we do.

I have a number of tried and tested techniques. The repetitive quality of running pairs nicely with big skies to give me freedom and clarity when it comes to my busy brain. Creativity fuels up a different part of my brain, giving the analytical side a rest. Impact recharges and resets, and fuels me up for future busy. But there is one thing that switches me off entirely…

One thing that lets me find peace in my busy world.

Sensory deprivation plays a big part in this. It started with blindfolds, moved on to latex hoods, any way I could find that shut me off at least partially. Gas masks took away the smells of the world, replaced them with the heady scent of rubber. Without the stimulation of external noise, smells sights, I found myself heightened elsewhere. More susceptible to touch, alert to the pleasures of the flesh.

But when I met the vac bed, I discovered compression increased the sensory feedback of my flesh. With my body firmly fixed in place, unable to move or resist the pressure, my mind just melts away. Especially when paired with a mask or a hood, or just the dark.

The first time I had the joy of a vac bed was at Twisted Boudoir. I wasn’t being played with, just left to my own devices. Ten minutes in my rubber tomb saw me drooling in a bean bag, unable to form coherent sentences. Experiences since have followed suit, and I most recently shared the moment my brain was wiped clean in a vac cube, head lolling forward in submission to the compression. Utter bliss.

I experienced a similar calm when snorkelling with Loki a couple of years back. It’s been suggested that diving would likely take me to a similar state to sub space, given my state when compressed, quiet and relatively dark. Who knows, but as it’s long been on my list of things I’d like to try I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough!

Restoring your senses and finding peace are not necessarily the same thing.

I don’t find peace the same way when helping friends escape their busy world. Like when I tied 1001011 and controlled his vac bed experience, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less. That was invigorating, enlivening, ridiculously good fun. Just not relaxing. It wasn’t until I was in the vac bed, wearing the enclosure hood, that my brain shut off. He got some pictures, one of which I’ve added a dreamlike effect to, to show how I feel in this altered state.

When D mummified me and played with me my brain very definitely melted out of my pretty little head, but in a very different way. (It dripped out of my pussy.) Restoring the senses with invigorating orgasms, creating the biggest, fullest, tightest buzz yet. Floating off on a cloud of yumminess. Unable to converse, but the fire in my soul burning brightly. The slate wiped clean much later with a beautiful impact session. (When he left these marks.) The combination of powerful orgasms, compression, heavy impact and many, many snuggles was quite the rollercoaster.

But to find peace, calm, stillness, in a world that is mostly just busy…

It’s funny… For someone who finds peace in solitary pursuits, I can not access this level of calm solo. I need help, equipment, and a friend to guard my space and tie. (And maintain the vacuum?) Someone to shut me off from the world, pack me tight and leave me to format the drive.

Sinful Sunday

The Sinful Sunday prompt for September is the letter P. P is for Peace, and I’m glad to be able to share how I find that in such a busy world. How do you access your most peaceful state? Is there anything you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments what your go to is!


  1. I can totally see how being encased to inspire that. I hate my face being covered so I think that would be the part I would struggle with


  2. Oh, I’m a little bit claustrophobic but would love to work up to a vacuum bed. I’ve heard (and read) great things about the experience.
    Finding peace is a tough task for most, I think. I’m glad you’ve found a way, even for a little while 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I can’t do latex but I have a leather sleep sack and hood. I’m fairly sure I need to be ticked up in it every night just to sleep!

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