Compressed in a vac cube and sensory deprivation hood while being tipped up to fly
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One word Title. That’s what the July prompt for Sinful Sunday is. ONE word. With a whole world of words to choose from, how would I narrow it down to just one? Surprisingly, choosing Compressed was not too difficult. Especially not with friends like mine.

Friends who will gladly bring their Vac Cube to Twisted Boudoir for others to attendees to try out. Knowing how I respond to vac-beds I was really excited to try the cube. Ten minutes inside a vac-bed (with no playful touching or other interference) gives me thirty minutes of Drool In A Corner time. I was keen to try it.

Trautaruan and CheekyC had it all set up before I’d finished my first play, with Bunny. Then a queue of others jumped in, air sucked out, raucous laughter filling the venue.

Maybe this wouldn’t be like a vac-bed? Having my head free could change the experience? Maybe I’d have sore ribs from laughing so hard by the end of my turn? Perhaps they’d have it all packed up by the time I finished my cup of tea? The fear of missing out was real.

Fears that were to be unrealised.

Nope, they hadn’t packed it away. Instead I was motioned over, encouraged to climb inside. (Let’s be honest here, I didn’t need encouraging.) First, the air was sucked out while I looked around the room. Then I wanted to put my fully enclosed hood on. “If I need out I’ll shake my head” were my parting words before the air was sucked out once more. Before long I was completely compressed. Held in the tight embrace of sturdy rubber. Two nostril holes for breathing my only contact with fresh air, with anything outside of me. Even the sounds of the fetish night had an underwater quality to them.

And it felt goooood.

But that’s not where it ended. A voice, clear and mischievous, pierced the rubber hood, penetrated my quiet space. I can’t remember the exact words but Trautaruan asked me if I’d like to go up, be suspended. They could tilt the cube and I’d feel like I was flying. Nodding vigorously, enthusiastic consent given, I was soon up in the air, cocooned and compressed as I was in rubber.

The image I’m using for prompt week was captured as my brain melted.

Moments later, with my head lolling forward, the cube was returned to the floor. The vacuum released my body followed my brains lead, popping through the neck hole and leaving me in a puddle of goo on the inside. I was vaguely aware of voices as I unzipped my hood and peeled it off enough to breathe freely. And there I stayed until I was able to slither out, and sit – back against a wall. CheekyC handed me a drink and my pupils slowly returned to their normal size.

Although there wasn’t an ounce of suffering for me during my cube-time, the quote I found below feels rather fitting for this post. My adventures in latex (and kink) mirror life after all.

Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing. Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time.

B.K.S. Iyengar
Sinful Sunday

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  1. It’s funny how we all respond so differently. I didn’t really get anything out of a vac cube, the sensations just felt the same as not being in one just a bit dulled. Maybe I’d also need to be hooded to put me in a better mindset.

    That said I laughed lots, so I definitely understand the sore ribs!

  2. Amazing shot. I have seen a vac bed in use but never wanted to have a go. I think the confinement would be too overwhelming for me


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