Latex Housewarming (And A Puppy!)

Boobless latex dress tried on during a housewarming
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Sunday afternoon rolled round and it was time for a pootle up the motorway, followed by a civilised afternoon with friends. Some might call it a belated housewarming, others a latex lovers’ social. As it happened I was most looking forward to meeting their pup in person, having go to know her through WhatsApp messages and Facebook. But the guided tour of their new home, complete with dedicated playroom and rubber wardrobe was set to be a highlight.

The last time I visited these friends was about five years ago. I’m beginning to see a half-decade pattern of my life, however, the fact I’m (possibly) an Ent should maybe be explored in a fuller post…

That was for the housewarming for their old house, at the start of my latex journey.

You might remember, they put me in a bobble hood during my visit. And they introduced me to their Vac-Cube quite recently which was a blast!

Yesterday I was offered to try on different pieces from their latex collection. A tiny latex dress which slipped on easily. There was a heavy rubber catsuit which I’ll share another time, and a rubber ball which I’ll test another time. But there was a delicate, open cup basque which I wanted to try but was so nervous of breaking! CheekyC took charge and I was soon stood in their bathroom with my boobs on display.

Great hilarity when I stepped out of the room with my arm clamped over my nipples.

I’m not entirely sure why I was shy, having been naked around each other at events before. Though maybe as I was in their home and didn’t want to impose myself too much! Or expose myself, that’s probably more accurate!

Much less shy when alone in front of the mirror, I thought I’d capture the moment for posterity. My relationship with my breasts is tempestuous at times and, recently, I’ve been in a negative funk with mine. Sometimes I can challenge those funks by forcing myself to get uncomfortable.

If I couldn’t be brave and try a cupless latex dress at the housewarming of some of my favourite rubber sluts, where could I?

Plus, puppies for aftercare is always a winner. (She is gorgeous, definitely don’t want to wait five more years for chin rubs and playing fetch.)

I don’t believe this is a clothing option I will run out and buy. (Or that I’d click the link to purchase online.) Unless someone important were to request it specifically. But I am very glad that I tried it on. And that I took a picture to keep the memory. My boobs may not be my flavour of the month, but even at my lowest breast-ebb I can still appreciate the view I’ve shared.

And that, in my mind, is part of what BoobDay is about. A celebration of boobs in all their different shapes and sizes! My posts – Boobday ones in particular – are somewhere to come back to when I can’t quite feel the love after all.

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