Aerial_Aiya and 1001011 tied together in a weird and wonderful way while wearing black bodysuits.

The Weird And Wonderful World Of Barefoot

Aerial_Aiya and 1001011 tied together in a weird and wonderful way while wearing black bodysuits.

When I joined 1001011 and Aerial_Aiya for an evening of rope, none of us knew for sure how the evening would pan out. Would it be weird, wonderful or weird AND wonderful? As you know, he and I had been tying together for some time at that point, mostly with me as the bunny, but occasionally the tides would turn and he’d find himself caught in my bindings. (Consensually, of course!) However, Aerial_Aiya is such an accomplished bunny, and the pair of them have been tying together for YEARS!!!

Some of the ties from the evening have featured here already.

The posts Green Behind The Ears and Doubling Up For Double The Fun show what a devious pickle 1001011 is. The pictures take me back to nervous giggles and bonding over (in?) rope in a different way. As a three. What a different way to play. Being a voyeur inside a rope scene, their rope scene, felt even more intimate than watching them tie from a distance. And being tied by him while his most established bunny enjoyed the view was comforting. However, while I do love being in his ropes, I’m an all round rope slut. Bunny – Yes. Yoyeur – Yup. Rigger – Hell yeah! And perhaps, after tying for five years, this would be the right situation to test myself.

Could I stretch myself?

Would I be able to give them an experience that they can’t enjoy very often? There’d been a weird flash of inspiration for me at some point in the build up to our session. I put it to them, that I wondered if throwing rope at them might be OK? If they were laying on the floor, safe and sound, perhaps this may be a fun way for them to enjoy being tied together? Having shared my idea I knew they were taking the correct clothes and would be enthusiastic at my efforts.

Was I happy with my rope work? Ha, nope!

My nervous fingers left every hint of confusion on display. And they weren’t as tightly bound to one another as I’d planned. In contrast to my frustrations they were very gracious. Wriggling, giggling and sighing in my ropes. The video I have of them is fabulous, a melange of weird and wonderful writhing. One body indistinguishable from the other, two blissed out faces, one at either end of the shiny black, bound mass; feet and hands and limbs and hair tangled.

It seems, when I warned you that things were going to get weird, I was a little late with words of caution. I’ve had this collection of images in my files for a year and every time I look at them I have to remind myself what is going on here. I wonder… What did your eyes tell you you were looking at on first glance?

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