Doubling Up For Double The Fun

Doubling up on bunnies for 1001011 as he ties me and Aerial_Aiya together in our lingerie

Time flies, it whooshes past in a great hurricane and then you realise it’s been ten months and you still haven’t shared more from the fantabulous evening with 1001011 and Aerial_Aiya. Or maybe that’s just me? It’s probably a fine thing anyway, that I hadn’t. Because if I had then right now I’d be doubling up for my A-Z April Challenge for 2023.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed many variations of adding people into the mix sexually. But rope is a platonic joy within my scenes. (Or scenes including me.) I know I hadn’t considered how different joining an established rope-couple for their time together would play out. But I think the nerves played the other way too as 1001011 and I had more than a few ties under our belt by this point. We were all green behind the ears for this kind of experience then.

I love when I go hunting for images, photos of memories I hold dear but that require a bit of searching for. Clicking on the (well titled and easy to find) shared folder (thank you 1001011 for being so organised!) I was taken back to the rope studio and our first time in session as a three. So far it’s our only session as a three, but life has been full and only getting fuller for all of us so patience is the virtue here.

When we do get to enjoy rope as a three once more we have already learnt so much about the possible challenges and the probable bonuses that face us when doubling up on bunnies. But you never forget your first time, do you?

Even if you do forget to post the pictures and associated memories in a timely fashion.

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter D

Join me as I fly by the seat of my pants for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge 2023. You can find all of my posts for the month here. And you can also find previous years here. 2019 came first. I skipped 2020. 2021 was a full month of photography themed posts. And 2022 was a sparse collection of Q&A style writing, but there were plenty of boobs!.

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