Standing barefoot in the daisies

Barefoot In The Daisies

Standing barefoot in the daisies

Summer is almost here, I can feel it creeping under my skin. Yesterday, while out with my boys, I realised we were about to play football and I was in the wrong shoes. Super comfy, like slippers for outdoors, they just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to kicking a ball and chasing two excited young’uns in the park. So I took them off. The warm grass teasing my toes as I stood barefoot in the daisies.

It’s not the first time my soles have kissed the ground this year.

Mostly that happens on the beach because… well, I do love to paddle. At the start of the month I had my first full swim in the sea since becoming unwell last November. Gosh, that was a treat for this masochist! But more on that another time… Last year there were no Daisies when I was barefoot in the snow. I’d be lying if I said snow was my favourite. Although… Loki and I did laugh a lot as we rambled about in the wintry landscape.

But then, neither is the summer. Usually.

So why do I find myself excited about the turning seasons? I think, this year more than ever, I feel like I’m waking up from a long, dark night. Hibernation perhaps? Or maybe just hunkering down under the duvet with a pen torch, working through the intensity life has thrown my way. My libido was mostly slumbering, tucked up in a cosy embrace with my enthusiasm.

Two weeks ago Sir must have seen a shift in me. Maybe my tone changed in our conversations? The dawn was breaking and tasks arrived at exactly the right time. Completing these challenging tasks was an eye opener in many senses. Like that first shot of espresso of the day I was soon wide awake. My zest for life jumped out of bed, and my lust threw open the curtains.

Having a kickabout in the park, barefoot in the daisies, I rebalanced my energy.

Sun kissed skin, freckles lured from their long winter nap. All the while a keen spring breeze teased blonde locks across my smile. My two boys cavorted with me as we chased a ball that had a mind of it’s own. Pure bliss.

What helps you regain your energies? And how do you keep those stores topped up once you’re firing on all cylinders?

Sinful Sunday

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    1. I think this is the first year it’s crept up and taken me by surprise, AND been welcome in its own right rather than being a stepping stone towards autumn. Lots of adventures to be had this season, that’s for sure. N x

  1. The parks where I live are not places where “shoes off” is an option, but on the rare occasions I go barefoot, it definitely feels like summer!

    To your question — I love being in the sun, feeling that warmth kiss my skin. Especially if it’s a mild day, on or near the water. Just walking around on a dock or sitting at an outdoor cafe along the channel… Things like that — followed by a solid sleep — leave me feeling refreshed and recharged. Also, reading in a quiet space or wandering through a book store will do wonders for my energy.

    1. I hadn’t long taken off my shoes when I saw something I didn’t wish to step in. Fortunately there was an umbrella strut also in the grass, so I made a dog-poo kebab and marched it to the bin! Bleurgh

      It does sound blissful on the water, watching the world go by. And there isn’t much a bookshop can’t restore, is there? Second hand ones have a wonderful scent that calms my soul. One of my favourite books makes the list because of its age and aroma, rather than the content. I’ve never been much of a Coleridge fan.

  2. I love, love, love being barefoot outside (and inside) and whenever I get a chance, I take off my shoes. Love your image! Yes, summer is almost here. Yay for that, and yay for rebalancing!

    As for your question about energy: I have come to the conclusion I have too many irons in the fire, and am drastically cutting back on that, for my own mental health, and to make sure my energy levels CAN be topped up.

    ~ Marie xox

    1. The skill of knowing when to say no, especially to ourselves, is such an important one to learn. I’m glad you’re taking steps to look after you. I know Master T will benefit greatly from having a submissive who isn’t stretching herself so thin. 😉 N xx

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