Let the Easter fun and games commence with a boobday image in front of a map.

Easter Fun And Games: An Egg-Stravaganza

Let the Easter fun and games commence with a boobday image in front of a map.

Ok, I’m busy. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I can’t help but wonder if A-Z April may have been more than I should have committed myself to. Hey-Ho! “Shoulds Are Shit” has been one of my mantras for many years so… School holidays, child free time, adventures, explorations, fun and games, that seems to be where my Easter has been gobbled up so far.

When I say “gobbled up” I genuinely mean my Easter has vanished, disappeared, been eaten by a ravenous monster, hungry only for fun, games and mischievous good times. This post should have been live on Friday morning. Ready for Boobday, making it not just a Good Friday, but a great one!

However, that’s not quite how things played out…

There have been many miles walked, with many feet/paws. Bliss and her buddy padded along beside me and SWL to some distant corners of the Moor. A number of Tors have been visited, like Scarey Tor, pictured below for Tits Out Tor Bagging. Nearly naked Yoga may, or may not, have been enjoyed. Muddy puddles jumped in. And

Easter fun and Games on Scary Tor for tits out tor bagging

There was also an introduction to Acro-Yoga. We were on top of a hill with 365 degree views of coast and countryside, wilderness and wide-ranging urban landscapes. It was explained to me that “strength and flexibility were not so important in Acro as trust and communication”. What a fabulous introduction to this fun new athletic adventure, then home for bottom spanking games. Oh, and a delicious roast dinner, along with a paddle in the sea! My contented mewling is all the incentive I needed to share this for Mmm Mondays Meme.

Easter spankings

Why did I need an Easter of fun and games?

I had stumbled into a rut, my world shrinking, enthusiasm for anything waning. Fun, games, mischief… All stifled, stagnating maybe. Lots of time and thinking, self-soothing and long-dark nights was required to make a decision that would shake things up a little. Nope, that’s not true, it would change things A LOT. And then things got weird. Now, don’t get me wrong, they are still weird. But in the best way, the right way for me anyway.

Whether religious or not, Easter is a great time to celebrate rebirth and new beginnings. And after the first dose of sunshine, lots of wonderful company and a little kink, I feel like a new woman. Or the old Barefoot. A woman who is facing the world with a smile on my face and a lightness in my soul.

Boob Day

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter E #AtoZChallenge 2023 letter F #AtoZChallenge 2023 letter G

Join me as I fly by the seat of my pants for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge 2023. You can find all of my posts for the month here. And you can also find previous years here. 2019 came first. I skipped 2020. 2021 was a full month of photography themed posts. And 2022 was a sparse collection of Q&A style writing, but there were plenty of boobs!.


  1. Easter takes its name from a pagan goddess called Eostre . She was a goddess of spring or renewal . Xx thank you for introducing me to the concept of acro yoga. 🙂 XX

  2. Combining letters is a good way of getting through the challenge, for sure! Especially if you’ve bitten off… If not MORE than you can chew, at least a chewy mouthful. 😉

    Happy Easter!

  3. Looks like a wonderfully enjoyable holiday. Some sun (or as much as the UK allows), some goodies, and a bruised bottom. How could any holiday be better?

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