Life is sweet header shows marshmallow daisy placed on a naked nipple.

Life Is Sweet

Life is sweet header shows marshmallow daisy placed on a naked nipple.
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Life is… sweet?

Ok, often it’s not. I’ve had more than my share of life being shit, but… while I’m the sum of all my parts I’m not defined by any of them. (More to come on this at a later date, but my brain is soooo tired I want to do this thought justice.) What does define me? How I show up in the here and the now. For myself and for my children. And when I do that to the best of my ability, face my fears and aim high-high-high I can show myself (and them) that life is sweet.

Of course, aiming high requires baby steps. You wouldn’t find many people who run a marathon without training first. It’s the same for big adventures and even bigger fears. First it was London, then Paris and now… the skies the limit!

And that’s how I ended up in a Barcelona bedroom, with a marshmallow Marguerite adorning my nipple. I had hoped to share a daisy-kini but the other flower got eaten by a small boy. The cheek of it!

Don’t worry though, there are many more things that make me nervous which I want to achieve. I’ve definitely not run out of adventures yet.

Boob Day
February Photo Fest 2023

Thank you for joining me for February PhotoFest 2023. This is my fourth time joining the month long celebration of erotic and sensual photography. If you’re enjoying it please do go and check out the previous years: 2019 was an incomplete month. I skipped 2020 due to not blogging at the time but 2021 was a joy to plan and complete, in spite of lockdowns. 2022 was a little more relaxed behind the scenes, but jam packed with pictures and memories I love.

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