The rattlesnake three-in-one toy charging on a windowsill, next to a potted plant.

Three In One, A Rattlesnake To Remember!

The rattlesnake three-in-one toy charging on a windowsill, next to a potted plant.

Do you remember the mermaid butt plug review I shared last month? It was conducted on behalf of Bestvibe who also offered me to test another product for them too. This time I chose the Rattlesnake, a three-in-one toy which promised to thrust, heat and vibrate it’s way into my good books. But did it? Read on to find out.

Where to start with the Rattlesnake three in one toy…

It’s always best to start at the beginning, isn’t it. I’ll skim over the delivery. I’m sure you’ll all be fed up of me gushing over the discreet packaging, swift delivery and exciting tracking website. What happened when I had the parcel in my grubby little paws is what I’m sure you’re interested in.

The packaging is a discreet.

It is a glossy black, with dark grey hexagonal pattern covering the whole box. The warnings on the side were the only hint as to the contents. The product, suitable for adults, is non-contraceptive and must be kept away from children. It also comes with a warning not to overexert one-self, stop if anything hurts and to check the product regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Rattlesnake three in one packaging

Inside, the packaging was minimal. The vibrator itself was hygienically sealed in plastic wrap, and the remote control was in a tiny bag with the charging cable. For me, not having the moulded plastic inside the parcel is a winner. Unless the toy requires more protection. The wrapping was easily discarded, and recyclable in my local supermarket. Much more discreet than when I popped Rico’s packaging out for the kerbside collection!

The first thing that any horny sex toy user wants to do is play with their new kit, right? I’m kind of hoping it’s not just me who thinks that! However, experience dictates that this isn’t an ideal state of affairs. We need to ensure the rechargeable battery is full to the brim with energy before the first use to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The instruction manual explained that while charging the orange light next to the charging point would flash, and stay on when it had reached capacity. Helpfully, the manual also states that you get a maximum of fifty minutes of play time on a full charge of ninety minutes. And suggests that you charge every fifteen days if not using regularly, this will help extend the battery life.

rattlesnake charging

I like to take a little time to admire the object of my flirtations before I instigate play.

The rattlesnake is no exception.

The shaft caught my eye on the website. It looked almost industrial, as bolted together as a silicone toy can appear! The nodules and ridges felt just as pronounced under my fingers as they had in my imagination. It was the texture on the balls which I was astonished by though. I love (!!!) testicles, and so for this unrealistic phallus to have such authentic goosebumps… I couldn’t prevent myself running the tip of my tongue over the surface just to check. Yup, it felt good to me!

The external parts are made of liquid silicone.

It feels really sticky under the fingers, and as a result picks up every tiny piece of floating dust within a six mile radius. OK, I’m exaggerating! But, if you don’t wash your kit before and after each use normally, then please remember to do so with this one. If not you’ll end up with all kinds of fluff in all manner of places! And with a seven inch insertible length, plus almost another inch of thrust, those places wouldn’t be fun to clean out afterwards. (OK, they might be, depending on your preferences!)

Past experience tells me to be cautious over what I use as insertibles, and with the sex toy industry currently unregulated as far as materials go, I wanted to check. The website said it was liquid silicone so I googled whether it is body safe. A resounding success from around the internet, except one medical manufacturing website which suggested that products made in this material are usually body safe. (You can find the whole article here.) To check pinch some in your fingers and stretch. If it turns white then this isn’t safe. Not sure what I’d have done had my vibrator been made in white, but fortunately the dark brown really would have shown off the change. All clear it was time to get down to business!

What play options does the Rattlesnake three in one offer?

As I’ve mentioned above, the Rattlesnake thrusts, vibrates and heats.

There are three different thrusting patterns and five different vibration modes. You must press and hold the power button in the base for two seconds in order to turn it on to, or off of, stand-by. Then you can press the power button to scroll through the patterns, or use the remote control. One button is for thrust, the other for vibrate. I would suggest the remote control is easier as you can scroll through each type of play individually, and you don’t have to search for the right spot to press with a finger that is hunting blind, and is likely a little slippery from play time.

From in-out, to in-out-shake-it-all-about.

I was quite impressed with the thrusting. I’ve occasionally been left feeling nauseous, with the thrusting toys, but not this time. I loved the feel of the Rattlesnake as it massaged my inner muscles, and I wouldn’t be able to recreate that sensation with my hand. Great work BestVibe! The vibrations start with two different steady speeds, then three patterns. My personal favourite is the third thrust with the second vibration.

The heating starts after a double press of the power button. I have never tried a heating device before so wasn’t sure what to expect. I found it to be hand hot. No warmer than had I been holding on to it tightly for a while. It didn’t enhance my experience, but the days have been hot. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the weather turns wintry.

What did I think of this combination toy?

The Rattlesnake is a thing of beauty. I appreciate you may well be scratching your head at my summary on its aesthetic, however I’m also a fan of brutalist architecture, so maybe my taste is slightly different to yours.

Once I’d put my fears to rest, around the material being all squishy, I couldn’t wait to start the physical review process. With its shaft circumference measuring five and a half inches (diameter: One and three quarters) I knew that it would be a good fit. The length would challenge, especially at full thrust, but I’m always interested in stretching myself.

Initially I used it manually.

I’ve had sex-toy induced nausea with previous thrusting dildos and so wanted to safeguard against that. The motion is smooth and, though vigorous, it doesn’t throw itself in and out of my hole like I’ve experienced before. I love the way the external dimples feel against my muscles as they work back and forth. It does sound mechanical in a way, as it pumps inside, however, I didn’t find it intrusive or a block to pleasure- quite the opposite in fact! Though this could be due to my brain enjoying the fantasy of being fucked by a robotic rattlesnake?

Once confident I wouldn’t throw up when I let it loose, I decided to attach the suction cup to my drawers and guide it into position before letting it work its magic. At this stage I tried to take some pictures for the review, and found it to be a struggle du to the suction cup failing quite rapidly. It’s not a particularly heavy toy (weighing in at 430g) but perhaps it could do with a bigger, more flexible suction cup.

The sticky nature of the rattlesnake meant it got fluffy each time it hit the floor.

It is a good size for dipping into a pint glass of water, and this cleans it down (up) to the balls. Eventually I stopped trying to take pictures (the one above is the only still moment I had) got myself into position, and after inserting it I opened the drawer jamming it into place. Now I was ready for a hands-free self-fuck with this three in one toy. Vibrations, heat and thrust were all going simultaneously.

I enjoyed this very much! It felt so good that each time I got myself set up in this way I would build to orgasms with much speed. Sometimes adding a plug, other times adding a wand. The latter was my favourite. To enjoy the stimulation on my internal clitoris, making everything swell erotically, then pressing the gently rumbling wand to the hood…. I’ve yet to experience a gushing orgasm with this toy (shape and firmness wise, I don’t think it matches my anatomy) however, the creamy orgasms which are a level of intensity just below gush are well met.

It seems only right that I’d test it on each one of my three holes.


I used a condom for anal insertion, mostly due to the nooks and crannies. These scrubbed up well after vaginal play, but, well, I have no desire to cross contaminate myself and this is just easier afterwards. I found the thrusting very, very pleasant in my well lubed hole. As a fan of being railed back there, but also sporting arms just a little bit shorter than my slutty arse requires, finally finding a toy that can take care of itself in that department is a joy! The suction cup, again, is a bit of an issue. I just wish it were a little stronger and able to stand up to pulling out of my anus. But learning the angles helped, and I feel somewhat of a pro now.


Finally, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to try deep throat. First manually, then with just the thrust on. This is where the remote control comes into its own. I’m not sure that a vibrating, thrusting dildo would have been a wise idea. The head of this one has soft detailing, it really is the most lifelike feeling for entering my oesophagus. Well, of all the (seven or eight) toys I have used for this purpose, it ranks top. So, if deepthroating dildos is one of your kinks… I can highly recommend this one.

Would I recommend the Rattlesnake?

I would definitely suggest this three in one toy as an option to friends. For me, it strikes a great balance between affordability and function. As for quality, it has withstood some significant testing from me over the time since I received it. While longevity can’t be measured in a month, it’s showing no sign of wear and tear just yet.

On the subject of friends, I showed LovelyL on a recent visit. Turning it on for her to see she laughed hard to start with. In full flow it does look a little drunk. However, as soon as she wrapped her hand round it and felt the sensations it gave out, the laughter died and a low murmur of appreciation and curiosity took its place. While we didn’t review this one together, I have promised to return with it in future. What I didn’t do is offer to leave it with her… Which probably tells you more about how much I like this one than the rest of these (almost) 2000 words.

It is certainly a permanent, and very welcome, new play partner!

You can buy the Rattlesnake Three-In-One from for £49.99 at the time of publishing. Why not use the code above to grab 10% off at the same time?

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