Mermaid Butt Plug: Flip, Flap or Flop?

Mermaid Butt Plug in the grass among the daisies

Have you ever heard of a mermaid butt plug? Or, more to the point, have you heard of an automatic, inflating and vibrating mermaid butt plug? No? Neither had I. At least, not until Bestvibe got in touch, offering me to take this waterproof, silicon and bodysafe plug for a spin. All in exchange was a fair and honest review. I can resist everything but temptation, so I readily accepted their offer and waited for the postman.

It arrived, much like most other toys I’ve received over the years.

Discretely and neatly packaged for ease of delivery. The package was relatively heavy, for such a small package, but my postman was none the wiser! Once I’d opened the grey, plastic postal bag, which made up the outer packaging, I pulled out a dark grey box, sealed inside cellophane. There was nothing to give away the contents to an unsuspecting eye. I popped it on my desk, for further inspection later. However later came with an unexpected twist. My children needed to come home before their weekend away, and too late I remembered the box sat on my desk. My youngest, with his keen eyes and curious mind, saw the package. His non-committal “what’s this?” and his quick decision to pop it down when I shared it was a work thing highlights just how normal this parcel appears.

Inside, it becomes clear that the normal ends with the packaging.

The head of the mermaid butt plug is quite compact- 11.5cm circumference, 3.7cm diameter, and has 6cm of insertible length.) It’s neat, and tapers to a smooth point which I guessed would ease in nicely after a little water-based lube is applied, no matter your level of comfort with anal play. I mentioned before that the parcel was a little heavy. This is explained by the air pump, and the rechargeable battery- chargeable with the included cable- all housed in the ergonomically shaped handle. This is where the buttons for power and to cycle through the patterns are housed.

The faint blue light under the buttons is quite hard to see in bright daylight, and so I wasn’t sure it was charging when I plugged it in. With the curtains pulled, the subtle blink suddenly leapt out at me, and now I know where it is I don’t have to sit in the dark to check. (I’m a lights on kind of girl!) Leaving it on charge for the day I was excited to come back and try out the mermaid butt plug, with all it’s inflating, vibrating goodness.

I’ve long been a fan of inflating toys, but I’ve only ever used hand pumps to inflate.

While this gives control over the stretch, it also takes extra effort, and an extra hand sometimes. (Depending on what kind of other pleasures you have going on.) I wondered how the motorised inflation would feel, so I started by using it on my hand. Turning it on, by pressing the power button for three seconds, I then tapped the larger button to start the patterns. All while holding the plug section firmly in my left hand.

The inflation was smooth and even, as was the deflation, though it did end with the silicon teat-end being slightly off centre. In my best grip it put up quite a battle with my hand stronger than the air, and so the vibrations continued to carry on into the fingers which wrapped around the centre stem and base. To turn it on, press and hold the power button for three seconds, until the blue light comes on. Then press the larger button to work through the programmes. There are seven modes to work through. Three steady vibrations with increasing intensity, each one coupled with a full inflation which stays up until you press to move along. Then there are four different vibration patterns. Each with corresponding inflations, which aren’t as generous as the full inflation on the three steady options.

I like to think that my behind is as tight as my grip. The reality is slightly different.

As a result, when I implanted the plug in my rear end and started the patterns, I had a very different experience. Upon inflation during steady vibrations, there’s a maximum circumference of 14.5cm, and diameter of 4.6cm. This gives a pleasant feeling of fullness. As steady is my preference for solo play I’m happy with that, but if this is too much of a stretch for you then do continue to the patterns as the ballooning is less. As the plug ballooned inside of me, the vibrating central column got lost. This meant the strong vibrations were no longer part of my experience. The faint buzz did kiss my sphincter, but didn’t really add anything to my pleasure.

This motor and pump are quite quiet when out in the open. Upon insertion the only noise that I could hear was a click, followed by the pfffft of air escaping. Close inspection shows an air escape hole (exhaust?) in the rose gold band at the top of the handle.

The mermaid butt plug has an air hole in a rose gold band around the top of the base unit.

As I mentioned previously, the mermaid butt plug fascinated me.

I had wanted to see if I could enjoy inflatable anal self-play with more hands free. This is where the Mermaid Butt Plug comes into it’s own. Once I’d powered up the toy and selected a pattern, the ergonomically designed handle nestled between my upper thighs. The buttons were easy to reach, from the front or back, and the smooth silicon didn’t cause any discomfort. With a cushion for a buttress, I got to work exploring toy combinations with my free hands. Nursing a shoulder injury meant I was very grateful of this option. I can see that this may work as an accessible toy for those with mobility issues.

Mermaid butt plug handle, poking out to the back of my thighs as I lay on my bed.

Final thoughts on the BestVibe Mermaid Butt Plug?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t buy this for my collection. While I enjoy the design and am fascinated by the concept, I know that a couple of small tweaks to the design would make this particular toy come to life for me in a whole new way. Saying this, I’m a rumbly vibrations kind-of-girl, and enjoy a solid pasting in all areas- both with vibrations and stretch. While the Mermaid Butt Plug didn’t quite hit the spots for me I do believe, if you enjoy gentle anal and mild vibrations, you’re probably onto a winner here. I do love the fact that it is a more accessible toy. With a large, ergonomically designed handle which can be angled to the front or back, and buttons that are easy to find and press, it certainly gains points in this area.

Every Damn Day in June

Would you like your own automatic inflating vibrating Mermaid Butt Plug? If so you can purchase one from for £29.99 (at time of publishing.)

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