Bound to a chair, wearing leggings and a teeshirt, as found in my technology memories

Technology And Memories: A Lockdown Reminder

Bound to a chair, wearing leggings and a teeshirt, as found in my technology memories

Don’t you just love the way technology keeps us updated with memories? I know I’m not alone in my Facebook frustrations. For example, that I don’t want it to tell me what my ex husband wrote on my wall in 2008. A much more recent memory (unrelated to P) popped up back in April, which reminded me of a particularly unpleasant stretch through lockdown. No matter, like with all of social media I can block (or delete the post) or just scroll on by.

Isn’t it wonderful to be human and have that choice? Can you imagine being a computer and needing someone else to reprogram you, to stop having to relive those moments through time?

But then there are my privately curated collections of memories.

My photo storage, for example, often sends me memories. I have a lot of photos, and since changing phones a couple of weeks ago, the app I use has become particularly vocal. I had not realised that I had quite so many fabulous times around this date. Yes, there were the sad memories, with photos of family and friends at my gran’s wake four years ago. And five years ago me and the boys got caught in the mist and murk of an early summer Dartmoor day. In the highlights reel for two years ago was something entirely different.

Unsurprisingly, as our use of available technologies changed considerably.

For the most part my zoom usage during lockdown (and beyond) has been for keeping up with friends, often with some kind of play involved. But mid June brought a new kind of use of this platform. A rope class.

I have mentioned this previously when, at the end of A-Z April 2021, I zipped off to a zoom class. Hosted by 1001011 and Aerial_Aiya who I was fortunate to be invited to tie with a couple of weeks ago.

The grin brought about by this mornings memory reel was almost as big as the one in the uncropped version of the header image.

It just goes to show that fun times can come in from such unexpected directions.

Finding connection with a dozen other ropey folks, while being alone in my own living room was such a joy. It also inspired a number of ropey zoom calls across the rest of lockdown. I’m hoping to enjoy some more zoom rope at some point. With people who are geographically distant but share my love of rope and want to do more self tying. And finding this memory in my technology has given me the motivation to chase up one lovely lady in particular. Watch this space!

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  1. Social media tracking horrifies me — it’s one of the many reasons I don’t “do” Facebok or the like. I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi novel with the way tech controls so many aspects of life; it also completely creeps me out that a bit of programming can throw past unpleasantness up in one’s face, repeatedly. *shudder*

    And Zoom…

    *double shudder*

    Good for you for finding a positive spin for (post?) Corona-tech. I hope your online rope class experiences continue to be good ones.

    1. I often think about shutting down my virtually untouched Facebook, then get reminded not to by the two reasons why I’m locked in. (They like to check in on their dad and what pictures he’s posting of them)

      Zoom has been a necessary evil for me, work wise, so I decided to lessen the pain by finding pleasure in it too.

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