Zipping off for a zoom class for bondage wearing starry leggings and fluffy socks.

Zipping Off To A Zoom Class

Zipping off for a zoom class for bondage wearing starry leggings and fluffy socks.

After yesterday’s post on yoga bondage, I’m concluding Barefoot’s bondage A-Z by zipping off to a zoom class. Why? Well, as covid swept the planet over the course of 2020 the way we socialised changed significantly. Not only this but the way we learn has had to change. It’s not just schools and universities that have had to adapt to a home learning format.

It is no secret that I love a rope class. In fact, I’m very lucky to have not one but two peer rope groups locally. Both run by much respected friends from within the rope scene.

I was absolutely delighted to see one of the hosts was holding a zoom class in place of his monthly workshop. (I caught up with him more recently and shared the outcome in the post Joyful Jizuri) I had to sign myself up! Having spent much of my early days learning from YouTube videos, which fitted in with my responsibilities as a single mum, I was more than happy to trial things in this way.

Do you know how enjoyable it is, learning as part of a group via an online platform? I hadn’t realised! I imagined it would be functional, but my expectations were not high on the “fun” part.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, and there are limitations you just don’t see during in-person learning. But I learnt new things which have proven helpful in my self tie practise since. And when I discovered that the nylon rope had zero grip on my leggings, I was just 30 steps away from a change of hanks.

#AtoZChallenge 2021 badgeZipping off to a zoom class is the last post in my A-Z April challenge. I have thought about different aspects of my bondage hobby. Learn more about my love of rope in this post: Rope Slut Reflections


  1. Hooray! You did it!

    Zoom is something I try hard to avoid, but I think it’s great that it’s working for you — and in such an enjoyable way. 🙂

    Congrats on completing the A-to-Z!

  2. Zoom and Teams have made the world so different, in working from home, online schooling and then eve rope classes. So grateful we have those things to be able to connect.
    Congratulations on completing the A to Z. I really enjoyed reading along 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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