Kneeling in black and white header is a black and white image of me kneeling in a lacy body, with long hair flowing, head gently bowed, and bondage cuffs on.

Kneeling In Black And White

With monochromerotic back to weekly link ups after a long summer post, I wasn’t quite sure what to share. There were some feelings that got stirred up within me on Saturday. Feelings that have been fizzing away until I found release today. So here is an alternate edit to the picture that produced a few hundred words- this time I’m kneeling in black and white.

What was it that got under my skin then? Saturday I shared a snapshot of my submission in the post kneeling in wait. The photo and the music together gave me an outlet for the thoughts. Thank you Mrs Fever for your September Song project, I’m not sure I’d have got there without your inspiration!

I wonder which version of the photo you prefer?

Having tended to the lust that has been simmering, it seemed important to relax a little. So another tune has to be shared- it is still September after all! And while I’m pretty good at taking care of myself I know someone who does it even better. With that in mind a classic tune to match my afternoon exertions…


Wicked Wednesday

I’m excited to share Kneeling in Black and white for Monochromerotic. My first post, shared for this meme, was Puzzle, Plan, Stretch, Expand. Which, oddly, matches with the way my day has panned out. But that is a story for another day, perhaps!


  1. This works really well in dark tones – it’s more contemplative somehow.

    And I absolutely love that song. David Gilmour has an acoustic version that is my favorite. 🙂

    1. Pink Floyd made up a huge part of my music-education and hold a very special place in my heart. I shall try and track down your favourite version. Like switching photography to black and white, acoustic gives such a different feel to music.

  2. I like the dark , it has a more erotic feel.yet your light shines through.and the tune is a perfect counterfoil to that. I can almost feel your need through the picture and the music ..

    1. As a woman on the other side of the slash, how do you feel, when you know the boys is waiting for you? Is it a similar need?

      1. God , there is a moment when I pull the last rope into a cinch or when placing the gag between his teeth and I buckle it around his lowered head that makes my breath catch , my heart thuds and I have to breath slowly and deeply because for that moment he is truly mine. That the trust that he has placed in me is swelling in my chest. I love that moment when he glances up and there’s this connection where he hands his body and soul into my care and take it and nothing else matters in the world but this time and the touch and interplay of our needs.

    1. It was your flash fiction/monochromerotic post which inspired me to share this edit.

      I think, when I’m out of the BFM I’ll have a go at some tiny flash fiction. You showed me how it’s possible to weave a beautiful image from a little word count N xx

  3. I don’t even know which image is better. They are just different, as if they are not the same shot. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
    The music is great. I like it too. Although the beginning is somewhat sad for my mood.

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