Puzzle, plan, stretch, expand.


If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.

~Les Brown~

I picked up a toy earlier in the year.

A toy that caused an unprecedented reaction from Sir.

But sometimes a girl needs more than just motivation.

She needs to puzzle it out and make a plan.

Friday night was date night, and my plan is coming together…

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  1. I have done some speculum play. It was supremely hot being that looked at/inspected

    I hope you enjoy your new purchase


    1. I have only used the speculums i have solo, but with video playback. I am so looking forward to the inspection in person though . N

  2. Ooo this is a brilliant picture and makes me think about how it feels to be that intimate. I love the way that medical play makes me feel on account of the humiliation aspect too. I can wait to hear about how your night went 😊

    1. It was a date night with myself, but a wonderfully intense evening for me, myself and I 😉

  3. I have done both solo play with a speculum, and with Master T, and I love both for different reasons. There is something about being stretched open and then masturbating, but also something about being inspected by Master T. Love the image!
    ~ Marie

    1. I have yet to be inspected with either speculum, but the feeling of relentless stretching and unyielding metal is delicious. N x

    1. I have never been curious about doctor-patient medical exams, but I adore the stretch they offer very much. And I think I’m a mgpie really, I like shiny things

    1. I love being inspected but havent had the opportunity to enjoy that yet. Soon though, hopefully

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