Sometimes love don’t feel like it should.


A snapshot into my sinful Sunday last week…

Suffice to say, he broke my cane! In a most unconventional way…. More on that story when I catch up to last week in my timeline of tales, but for now I hope you enjoy the sneaky peek. I had a some messages after posting this last week, and I wanted to share that I have found that I love myself, and my many kinks. The heat of these welts and the intensity as He burnt them into my skin while dripping his cool sweat onto my singing flesh.

Yup, sometimes, sometimes love don’t feel like it should.


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Sinful Sunday


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    1. This was just a small sample of the welts, He really did turn me into a tiger! Thank you, I love all of my tattoos, but this one is my favourite. X x

    1. It’s ok, I’ve been thinking about expanding my cane collection for some time. Now I have the perfect excuse!

  1. love your cane stripes, our rattan cane snapped too a while ago and is now more thuddy than stingy, def a perfect excuse for cane shopping so win win ?

    1. I have some fairly evil (so I’m told) impact toys, but cane shopping is so exciting.
      Hoping to see Master Chopper to replace this one very soon.

    1. I didn’t think I’d share all of my marks, I was gifted so many.
      I’m still enjoying them today, a week later.

  2. Your tattoo is so fascinating. I thought it was a mark for a moment. Your marks are amazing too. I was saying I wish I’d gotten a spanking. Though not at the expense of a good cane.

    1. “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire” (Buckowski) is a saying that has got me through many a dark time. Almost 4 years ago I decided to get it tattooed onto me somehow. Last October I realised how it should be.
      In all honesty I’ve been trying to justify purchasing a full set of canes to enjoy. This is just a great excuse to finally get them

  3. That looks like it was very intense!

    And it looks hot!

    And… it means you can say, “and then he broke his cane on me”, and make other submissives shudder. Hope you feel proud!

    Great photo of great welts, and excellent thigh-age!

    1. It was an intense scene with marks that I still feel proud of a week on.

      Excellent thigh-age? ?Thank you ?

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