Guest review by CC for the curvy1+ in the box

Curvy1+ Guest Review: When Is A Sucker Not A Sucker

Guest review by CC for the curvy1+ in the box

I’m delighted to CC to A leap of faith for the curvy1+ guest review. I sent her this toy in exchange for a fair and honest review, and that is exactly what she has provided. Read on to see what she thought of it, and I’ll be back with more details later on.

Out of the box, first impressions.

I was given the Curve+1 by a friend who took pity on me when I broke another toy and was searching for a replacement. The only stipulation was an honest review. 

The Curvy 1+ comes in a box with a stylised line-art feminine figure and an image of the product in gentle hues of violet. It has a clean look and is not scary or intimidating. Which I liked. If I was worried about someone seeing the box they would possibly just think it was a new beauty product, it had that air to it.

On opening the box, inside is another stylised image.

There is more information and symbols detailing its waterproof nature and Bluetooth connectivity, which I will get to in a bit. One intriguing symbol represents the combination of the air pressure and vibrations built-in

To the right the Curvy +1 this one is red and is seated in a black plastic tray under a clear plastic lid, under this is the charger cable and the instructions booklet. 

The toy is described on the Satisfyer website as 

“Product information “Curvy 1 +   Our Curvy 1 + pleasures the clitoris with a balance of air-pulse stimulation and intense vibrations. Additionally, its ergonomic rounded body perfectly contours to treat your most intimate parts. “

So although some people call it a sucker. It doesn’t actually suck as it were.!

Taking it out of the box, it is covered in a body-friendly soft-touch silicone, not particularly heavy and it feels good to grip, and it has three buttons. The middle button turns on the product and connects it to the app if you want.

I liked the good, clean lines but wondered how it would fair under slippery conditions

I happily noted it is classed as waterproof, not just splash proof. A few good toys have, shall we say, died from the possible moist conditions of some of my orgasms. 

The Curvy 1+ has an unusual look though if you haven’t experienced one of this type of toy before. It reminded me of the gadget medical personal use to look in your ear? But, never having played with something designed like this before. I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to try it. 

Charging is easy.

It has a simple USB charger cable that connects via a magnetic connection (like most of the Satisfyer brand) so easy to set up. I plugged it into my laptop as I had some emails for work to write. Cheered by the little glowing pink light as I worked my way through the tedium of email messages, giving me something to look forward to. (It can also be plugged into a standard USB plug to charge if you don’t want it out on view)

I then uploaded the app to my phone while waiting.

The app is easily available via both Android and Apple IOS. In the interests of science I downloaded mine to Apple 5C. Playing around with the controls on the app and on the toy I was able to figure out the settings.

The toy can be used without the app but it gives it another dimension and the possibility of giving the controls to someone else who may or may not be in the room. In this instance, I was on my own, but in these days of lockdown and or cam shows, I think for some this might be a bonus.

The app provides ways to design your own patterns or use some the community has designed and shared. 

Which gives you a good starting point to explore and find your own groove.

The final email answered, I unplugged the curve +1  and took it upstairs with me. Plugging it back in next to my bed while I had a shower and slipped into something more comfortable as they say.  It was fully charged after 3 hours, and I can confirm the noise level is fairly quiet. I would think that if you were playing under the blankets or had the door closed it wouldn’t be heard from outside the room.

The hands on experience.

I am a  larger woman in my  early 50s and  perimenopausal. I enjoy self-love and find orgasms help everything from my mental health to my ability to sleep. My normal go too is a bedgeek and or a rabbit,so I was excited to try this toy. 

I connected to the app, then anointed myself with a little of my favorite lube, and began exploring. The feeling was unusual to me, not unpleasant but took a few moments to get used to. I have a large labia and I like clitoral stimulation so I wasnt fazed by that part. I tried again. Spreading my labia a little with my left hand and experimented with the placement of the air pulse part of the toy. The pattern changed and I began to enjoy it.

The sensation was pleasant and reminded me of a gentle lover who was good with their tongue.

I relaxed into the sensation, feeling it build with the combination of the pulses and vibration, squeezing my thighs together, feeling the crest of my orgasm within reach and the toy stopped. I checked to see if it was still charged. It was, so figured it must just have been my Bluetooth dropping out. I re-connected the toy, reset the pattern, concentrated the tip over my now needy clit, slowly building up, thighs pressing together and … gone… It all stopped again.  This isn’t the first time I have had issues with a Bluetooth toy. It seems my, shall we say, larger amounts of the flesh seem to block the signals. It’s frustrating because as far as I am aware none of the toys reconnects automatically. 

Not being a quitter, I set up my favourite erotic clip, settled back and stimulated my clit to erection again. I then set to with curve +1 on manual. The build up was as before, the feeling of pleasure the climb to the summit and bam. This time over the edge and riding the wave for a immensely pleasurable orgasm. 

My overall feelings about the toy.

It was an enjoyable experience. I have used it a few times since, and even revisited the app. Some of the patterns are very enjoyable and add a little fun to the experience. Not knowing what is coming next, you can imagine your in the hands of a lover, and they are controlling the speed and patterns. I have to remember to keep my thighs open though! I’d give the toy and over all 7/10 it loses points for the bluetooth thing ( which may just be me) but gains them for the pleasure and the overall design. 

I want to say a huge thank you to CC for her input with the curvy1+ guest review. She was a complete newcomer to Air Pulse technology, so I’m delighted to have he unbiased opinion. The Curvy1+ is available through the Satisfyer website, and costs £44.95. You can find CC (and the boy) getting up to all kinds of mischief, over on Twitter.

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  1. Outwardly, the toy looks laconic and quite suitable for hygienic procedures. Styling for the figure of a woman seems far-fetched to me. The fact that it was turned off during use at the most inopportune moment negates all the positive qualities.

    1. I have been pondering this exact point. I wonder if it has to do with the toy or the Bluetooth. I know apple are not great for Bluetooth connectivity and CC stated that she uses the app on an iphone. However, with the couple joy I found the button to be in the wrong place, which meant that it turned off with definite (even if accidental) pressing.

      I always promise fair and honest reviews though, even if the toys don’t quite live up to expectation.

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