Loving myself for him

Loving Myself For Him

Loving myself for him

Life is full right now, I’m fit to burst! Not in a bad way, I’m just at capacity. I’m incredibly grateful for my tasks. Yes, they add to my workload, but there is something about tasks that make time expand. And so I find myself with a window of opportunity, and a request. To spend some time loving myself for Him.

In all honesty, with the level of “ON” I experienced during April, I was high risk of blogger’s drop. To just fall off the face of the blogging planet for a spell. But while it has happened before I’m sure I have things in place to prevent this happening again. And the busy-ness required by Sir gives me every opportunity to snap my focus back to the bigger picture.

And, as the task I’m sharing today is to edge myself 5 times a day until I’m told otherwise I thought I would share a glimpse of me doing precisely as he requires, for the masturbation month celebrations over at Love Yourself and at Boobday.

If you would like to see what I dream about while I’m loving myself for Him- or just me- you might enjoy Memories are timeless treasures.


  1. I have done that almost every blog challenge I’ve done, haha. I just fall off the face of the earth. But no more! I’m still blogging regularly!

    1. I was just rolling up my sleeves when the blog had other ideas. Back up and running now though! I’m glad to see you’ve overcome this problem though. I guess having an extra set of hands has helped greatly? (Though it must come with some challenges of it’s own!)

      1. The extra set of hands has definitely helped, but I still mostly have to be the driving force. (I’m sure it’s easier because we live together, so we can work together very easily!)

    1. So far it’s proving this way. It’s always nice to know I am doing something just for him.

    1. Any orgasm control is a great thing from him. The length of edging is unknown though. Guess I’ll just have to keep loving myself for him until I hear otherwise N xxx

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