The barefoot sub, topless at a boundary wall and vixen tor.

Boundary Wall AND a Vixen

The barefoot sub, topless at a boundary wall and vixen tor.

April was an intense month. It flowed past so swiftly that I had to throw out a life ring in order to stop it flooding past without a scavenger hunt post. But don’t worry, normal service is being resumed. Next up, I’ve found a boundary wall AND a Vixen (tor).

Spending some time in my bubble this weekend, SWL and I took a run up on the Moor.

I’m luring her away from the safety of her familiar, regular routes. And in the bargain I get to discover new pockets of my beloved Dartmoor. This time our adventure took us across open moorland, we passed a couple of Tors, but the one above captured my heart. When Vixen tor emerged from the landscape the sun broke through and cast a peculiar light across the dramatic rock face. But it didn’t take much time for me to notice the boundary wall, apparently encircling this beautiful tor that I had a desperate desire to explore.

The legends surrounding Vixen tor are fascinating.

From being used as a prehistoric burial ground, through an evil witch named Vixiana that lived in a cave beneath the rock face, and on to enthusiasts of the 1800s who wanted to scale the tor and try to decipher their history. But it is the legal wrangling over access that has spanned almost two decades that overshadow this.

Of course, I do understand the landowners chosen course of action. But I freely admit to being disappointed I’ll never discover Vixiana’s lair. However, I’m not one to dwell on what I can’t have. Instead I am celebrating by exposing myself beside her. Look at her looming over me. Peering through the trees. Dwarfing me even from that distance.

This week I’m sharing a fellow huntress, MPB, and her post featuring a boundary wall- Caught Short. In this case I can only say that if you pee on it you own it!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. What an amazing location! I would love to be exploring and exposing myself (to a camera) around there!

    1. Its so beautiful Bea. This was a surprise to me. Only the second private tor I’ve encountered and the first to be so heavily restricted.

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