breasts exposed at the flood water for the post throw out a life ring.

Throw Out A Life Ring

breasts exposed at the flood water for the post throw out a life ring.

When sub bee posted the Scavenger Hunt March round up thread on twitter, I realised that April is rushing past, like flood water, and my routine of sharing a new location each monday had been swept away. So today I’ve decided to throw out a life ring and pay a visit to my favourite meme.

When I was considering my options for A-Z April I was originally going to use scavenger hunt locations. I think this would have saved me a lot of work! But then I thought about sub bee, and the amount of work that they would have to do. 26 link ups in a month didn’t seem fair!

I set myself the challenge of 5 locations a day, while I managed my post holiday blues, last summer. One of the locations I wanted to use was the life buoy at the beach. But summertime and seaside means people. Lots of them. And while I am comfortable and confident in my own body I have no desire to expose myself to unwilling onlookers. And so I passed up that opportunity. However, when out running over spring half term, I found a much quieter spot to bag the location. I also found a lot of mud, and some epic puddles to wash it off in. As far as runs go, this one was high up in the fun stakes!

Molly shared a more traditional ring, along with her bottom, back in 2014, in the post Lifesaver. I love the natural surroundings that she is embracing; a calm and happy place to bare ones flesh!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Did you enjoy the post- Throw out a life ring? You might also enjoy this other lifesaving scavenger hunt location: Keeping watch at the lifeguard tower.


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