A collage of rope

A Collage of Rope

A collage of rope

We are half way through Rope with Friends week, for February photo fest, and today I’ve decided a collage of rope is the way to go. After sharing Slave lytton hanging around in my rope yesterday, I wanted to show off a gravity boot more clearly. The only other friend who I’ve tied in one is B, and I found the picture quite quickly.

B is a wonderful and patient friend, who has bunnied for me more times than I could say. As a result there are dozens of photos, documenting our time together. I can be pretty decisive, but also very much not. Especially when faced with so many wonderful options. The three I’ve chosen are from the same visit to her house, the time where we visited the sex shop.

So, what ties make up this collage of rope? Well, clockwise, from top left, is a futomomo, a gunslinger hip harness, and a gravity boot. All of these are, potentially, suspension worthy. But at this time in my rigging they wouldn’t have been safe, especially not with hemp rope, and only YouTube videos for training.

February Photofest

I’ve got quite a lot to say about rope. Rope Slut Reflections gives a different look into my world of bondage.


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