The barefoot sub for her About Me and light and shadepage

Light and Shade

The barefoot sub for her About Me and light and shadepage

Light and shade has been one of my most magical discoveries of BDSM. You really can’t have one without the other. The deeper I explore the darkness of my desires, the more pleasure I find in playing with gentle touch. Both mental and physical. This, in turn, lets me delve deeper. Safe in the knowledge that I will find my way back.

Light and shade perpetually in balance.

It is prompt week over at Sinful Sunday and silhouette is the theme. Although I’ve used this image before, on my about me page, I wanted to share again. Taken on an evening exploring Dartmoor with Loki, we were so lucky with timing! Bathed in the fires of the setting sun as I gaze across my beloved moor, I adore the way that the rays illuminate and soften. I’m amazed that Mother Nature’s play off between sunshine and silhouettes, mirrors my own internal meanderings.

“The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say.”

~~Gregory Maguire~~

This quote speaks right to my heart. I may want, maybe even need, the gentler side of kink. However, my masochism, my shadows, are where the fun, need and cravings erupt. Similarly the depths of my submission can only be reached with the lightness of touch (and demanding control) of Sir.

Sinful Sunday
January Jumpstart.

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  1. This is amazing. The light and your pose but the bit that really gets me is your hair blowing in the wind. It is that which seems to give a wildness to the image


    1. We had a series of these images, and it was the whipping hair that made this one stand out for me too. N

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