slave lytton hanging around with barefoot

Hanging Around With Barefoot

slave lytton hanging around with barefoot

Following on from yesterday’s addition to Rope Week- the beautiful Dr Lovelace as my bunny in the headlights– I wanted to share another friend who likes hanging around with barefoot.

This time, quite literally!

I’ve tied slave lytton a few times now, he is very amenable to my requests.  And though it has been too long since I last spent an evening with him, it was nice to find more than a few of our memories to share this week. The only option for me was this one, as the world feels a little upside down at the moment…

On this occasion he had accepted my invitation to bunny for me at peer rope. And that is how he ended up in a partial suspension, with nothing more than a gravity boot for support.

I did, of course, make him a cup of tea afterwards, to help him return to the right way up! It’s nice to look after my bunnies. It means they are more likely to come back out to play and spend some time hanging around with… me, barefoot.

Rope plays a big part in my life, find out more in this post: Finding my rope space. It may answer some questions on how this submissive can be a rigger too.


    1. Thank you Sindee. I think it’s me that is the lucky one, having a friend who trusts me to dangle them!

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