glass dildo hiding in plain sight in a winter flower bed.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Glass dildo hiding in plain sight in a winter flower bed.

One of the greatest pleasures of life, for me, is hiding in plain sight. So continuing with my toys out in the wild theme, for week two of February Photo Fest, I knew just what to do next.

Covert kink will always make me smile, no matter how challenging it is. Whether that is lycra underwear at a church service, crotch rope for my tattoo sitting, or body writing. All sit under my clothes, I know they are there, but other people, vanilla people, don’t. It’s a thrill for me…

A thrill I thought I would share with my glass dildo. And I think it pulls off the task quite nicely. I’m certain the only thing noticeable on this excursion was the strange lady photographing the muddy “flower bed”. Where most-all of the plants were hibernating as it’s the middle of winter here in the UK.

It’s a good job I don’t pay much attention to what people think of me, isn’t it?

I thought I would leave you with this quote, just in case you’re in any doubt over my conclusions…

“All the secrets of the world worth knowing are hiding in plain sight”

~~Robin Sloan~~

February Photofest
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