The toy that can satisfy her

Satisfy Me Master: Satisfyer

The toy that can satisfy her

No affiliate links have been used in this review. I was sent his product in exchange for an honest review of my experiences.

When May sent me the V Balls to trial for a guest post she also sent me the Satisfyer Master to review for myself. It has proved to be a very tricky review to write, because I love him so much. If my Doxy is my primary play partner, the Master has become a firm favourite in my secondary lovers. Together they work their magic to satisfy my carnal cravings.

But how did this happen? Let me tell you…

When he arrived I was rather taken by the size and weight of the shaft. Measuring in at 6.5″ of insertable length with a generous girth circumference of 6″ I knew we would be friends. It weighs in at 318g, so if you struggle with heavy toys then this may not be the one for you. I am well trained, however, as my Doxy is well used and is heavier in the hand. Feeling the size in my hand and squeezing the shaft I discovered it had just enough squish to remind me of a turgid, straining cock. This was something I needed to try out, and fast. Hooking my index finger into the loop at the base I didn’t even put it on to charge. I stripped off my bottom half and created a moment for the pair of us.

I love it when I am naked, with a handsome man between my legs, waxing his shaft. When he releases the heavy, solid cock from his grasp and it bobs down to knock my swollen and expectant, lusty vulva… That is where we went that afternoon. No insertion, no charge, no vibrations… Just a gentle, weighted percussive motion. I didn’t have long before I needed to pop him down, but initial signs of him being able to satisfy me were looking promising.

It was another week before I got to try the Master out to it’s full potential.

I took him on my mini holiday, along with my wand and a couple of other toys. My hotel room had a very comfortable chair and a full length mirror. My mind took me to being on display for Sir, and as I set up my camera to share my orgasms with him I became increasingly excited. Not only to share with/for him, but to try out the master.

I have a real love of the texture of satisfyer silicon, as I first discovered when I reviewed Mr Rabbit for LSB. It is smooth but has a slight drag to it. The master is no exception. When coupled with the weight of the generous shaft, my lips gently gripped as I slid the toy up and down my slippery sex. There was no stopping me now. Lost in the haze of lust I felt certain that sir was there with me, and imagined he was teasing my entrance with his girthy, weighty cock before… ooof. That hit the spot. Buried to the hilt I couldn’t imagine being any more perfectly filled. Taking up my wand I began massaging my clit while working the vibrator in and out.

Switching on the vibrations and working through the levels was tricky in this state. Setting it to the middle intensity constant vibrations, which were rumbly and felt so intense inside my puffy walls. The two toys worked in perfect unison to bring me to a number of big orgasms.

However, discarding the wand I focused on “just” fucking myself.

Not something I would do regularly as I can never seem to get the right angle for it to feel… right. The ridge that has been moulded into a pronounced corona glandis is perfect for indulging my G-Spot with plenty of friction. As I lost my senses to the internal knocking there was a brief moment of guilty wondering. Should I have put down a towel?! It was a fleeting thought though. Falling out of my head as my back arched over the back of the chair in rapturous pleasure.

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But that isn’t the end of things, oh no!

When I said at the top that this one is a firm favourite I meant it, and the Master has been out to join me a lot.

Notably, I recently had a week where I was tasked to orgasm 8 times a day. Due to staying at SWL‘s house I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to achieve this. I felt it disrespectful to take the doxy. As much as I love the power there is always the possibility for swinging light fittings on the floor below! So I took the Master, along with a few other pieces of kit.

I am almost certain not to satisfy myself with dildos and vibrators.

This is due to my body being slightly longer than is ideal for my arms and self-gratification. Reaching to grip is very tiring and will occasionally lead to a sore back, hip or shoulder. With the loop though, there is less need for straining my shoulders and back to get the angle right. And in spite of the weight, once buried inside the action was smooth and barely required any strength! Which, when you have 8 orgasms to achieve is a wonderful thing!

Unlike some other vibrators I have owned over the years the rumbly vibrations carry all of the way down the shaft. This makes it possible to use the flat end of the Master for clitoral stimulation. I knew that I would feel full, I had expected to have G-spot orgasms and gush, but to be able to have clitoral release was entirely surprising.

There were two negatives I have found.

Firstly, the silicone in the loop connects to the formed plastic nice and neatly. However, what happens when this piece of equipment is enthusiastically gripped and plunged inside repeatedly? The join separates a little bit, I did catch the sensitive flesh on the edge of my fingers the first few times this happened. It was a mild discomfort, and brief. No big deal, it doesn’t affect the way I use it and while it may look flimsy there is nothing delicate about this.

Secondly the charging cable magnets are not very strong. This is a feature I have found with all of the Satisfyer charging points. I have found if I am not careful putting it down then the magnets disconnect. I don’t think this is a big issue. With a little care and precise placement the magnets hold just fine. Or, if you are a little haphazard in your approach to sex toy charging (like myself) then other renowned sex toy companies use a similar charging cable. The magnet being stronger on a scarlet cable I pulled from my drawer. However, once it is fully charged the battery life is more than enough for a solid evening of use.

All in all though, this vibrator is guaranteed to satisfy me.

Big enough to stretch me, with strong, rumbly vibrations that carry base to tip. Also the weight and texture that allows for me to slip off into my own world of fantasy, where silicone vibrators merge with the memories of lovers’ cocks. Personally, I hope that the Master continues to match my stamina…

…and satisfy me in the way I have become accustomed to!


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  1. Perfect timing , I’ve killed another rabbit lol the shaft is no longer turning and the ears are leaving me unsatisfied… Time to look for another toy . I still have my faithful wand . 💋

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