Topless beside the lobster pots and fishing nets

Fishing Nets and Nipples

Topless beside the lobster pots and fishing nets

Next up in my scavenger hunt is the fishing nets. The fourth image from my first day of 5-a-day challenge.

I had been wandering around spotting various locations over the course of the afternoon, but as I have mentioned before, the middle of summer and a seaside town is high risk for non-consensual voyeurism. There are always lots of adults, and more importantly, children enjoying the area too. And children see more than adults. The joy of the scavenger hunt is the risk of being seen, but managing that risk without actually being seen has to remain a priority for me.

So, about these fishing nets…

I had actually stopped looking for a location, thinking I would catch up in the evening in my home town. Instead I took a little loop around the back beach, skipping over the boat chains that litter the shingley-sandy shoreline. This particular spot always smells very… beachy. And as I stopped to fill my lungs with the scent of the sea I noticed the lobster pots and fishing nets piled up against the tidal defences.

Whipping out my phone I wanted to check if they were part of the hunt. But I had no signal. I couldn’t find out the answer to my question. Modern technology had let me down! My decision didn’t take long though. If they weren’t on the list I would submit it as a new location! As per the instructions on the submission form:

If you cannot find a location that suits your image, please put your suggestion in the field below and we will add it to the list.

And between the occasional dog walker and smiling tourists I found a way to capture the nets, a cheeky grin and my nipples for the hunt.

Molly is my fellow scavenger huntress today, with Catch Of The Day. This image, like many of mine, demonstrates that people often only see what they are looking for. A strong reminder to all of those who would love to take part in the scavenger hunt. If you want to give it a go, then try. People aren’t looking. They are too focussed on their world. Whether that is their catch of the day or just having their head n the clouds.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. I always love new locations so never worry if it’s not on the list. Besides, its about the fun had not the locations anyway. And this one does look like lots of fun.

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