Bare bottom after a good caning.

A Good Caning?

Bare bottom after a good caning.

In April 2017 Slave Lytton had regaled me with tales of the South West Judicial Court. He had attended the spring sitting and thoroughly enjoyed the day as it played out. Facing the court, hearing his crimes and facing the punishment. I had been interested in attending the next occasion, and spoke to the man in charge about going along. I remember being keen to receive a good caning, but being unsure about the role play factor. As it turned out, court was held on a weekend that my boys were home. “No matter” the organiser said, “I’m planning on holding a caning workshop.” If I was interested I just had to let him know some dates I was free.

It seemed like an interesting day out so I replied with my free weekends.

The date was set, falling on the afternoon of the sadistic rope workshop. Time was going to be tight, but achievable. I arrived at studio onyx in time for a cup of tea and to chat with the other attendees and host. I thought it would be interesting to learn to wield a cane. He promised a selection of ideas including safety tips and delivering “six of the best”. I had said I would be happy to be a sample bottom of occasion. However, the workshop may have been more educational had he not taken me up on that offer for many demos.

And our practise time was taken up with a display of caning, the punishment for one attendee. She had been taken ill at court in October and so was due for a good caning! Though not quite as I would have hoped I still had a nice day out. And provided what I hope was useful feedback in case he should host one again. I also spoke to the studio owner and he reminded me of the play munch in a couple of weeks.

It was here that I met a local cane maker.

We spoke at great length about the canes that he makes. Materials and techniques. Along with good practise when using them. He had a couple of scenes planned and made good conversation between them. At the end of the evening he held out one of his canes. Offering me to take it away and enjoy it, practise what I had learnt.

Thanking him with a hug and a big grin, I promised I would enjoy it very much.

Perhaps I didn’t learn how to give a good caning at the intended occasion.

But I was enjoying the new experiences and meeting new people. And it was an interesting reminder of the different reasons why we play. The beauty of the differences in how we enjoy this world we live in. Over the time I had it in my possession, I did try to practise. To feel natural with the cane in my hand. We had some amazing times together, but probably my favourite memory was the final one, and a fitting farewell.



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