lady exposing her breasts at the beach with dog walkers in the background

The Beach is Calling.

Lady exposing her breasts at the beach with dog walkers in the background.

This summer, to fend off my post-holiday blues, I set myself a challenge to get 5 locations a day. Well, every day until the risk of sadness had passed. Day one took me to the beach, and a local seaside town where I got well acquainted with some flowers. That photo had been the fourth one from that excursion, but this is the first.

What they don’t tell you, and by they I mean the scavenger hunt queens, is how hard it can be to get all of the required parts in the shot. Honestly, what on earth was was I thinking? Trying to expose my breasts from inside my swimming costume on a busy beach in early august?

I was thinking about the goal of five, obviously!

Unfortunately, for the first round of shots I managed both boobs and my smile for Sir, and then the costume had risen up again.

The next round well, I could have been anywhere! No sea, no sand… nothing. Just boobs and black fabric.

Fortunately I am always keen to get the right shot, and in my third set I got both breasts (just) sand, sea, smile and… dog walkers! They just kind of appeared from nowhere. Suddenly I was feeling all hot and bothered!

But with the shot in the bag I was able to cool off with a brisk and refreshing swim. Beautiful!

And once I had recovered…?

It was time to leave the beach, go exploring and find some more locations.

There are a number of us who have visited the beach and exposed ourselves for the scavenger hunt, but I love this post from 9 years ago. Our Changing Views: HNT- At The Beach is full of passionate desire and exhibitionistic lust. What a happy combination!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze


If you think I should be wearing underwear more often then feel free to check out my wishlist.


  1. Laughing…….. we have all had those moments when we wanted to capture that exhibionistic moment and nothing goes right. Only a few of us understand those frustrations.

    1. A wise man said to me “if it isn’t fun what is the point?” And it is how I try to live. Even the boring bits that need doing deserves a smile. N xx

  2. This made me giggle, if it’s not people interrupting a perfect shot it’s not getting the right angle and missing either the location or the exposure!

    Great image though, I think beach images are always my favourite.

    1. The more photos I take with friends in charge of the image the harder I work for the solo shots! I do love the beach too, the light is different somehow.

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