Teamwork makes the dream work

cattle grid

What happens when you give one of your best friends a link to the scavenger hunt locations? Teamwork!

Any other friend may have a different approach but this one likes to be organised… Well, naturally she planned a running route on which we could find a couple.

In our neck of the woods there is no real shortage of cattle grids to choose from, but this one was near the place she did her first solo outdoor run last summer. We had parked the car and run down the tree line before turning the corner where she pointed gleefully- “Look! Look!” Between the lazy monday evening traffic and moorland moochers I took a moment to lay myself down and lift my top. All the while she giggled at the ridiculousness of our plan coming together.

She gets it, she gets me, and she is very, very corruptible.

She indulges my kink of exhibitionism and I indulge her need to plan everything with military precision. Our friendship is one of give and take. It makes life both challenging and fun for the pair of us.

Living the dream on a cattle grid!

I am the first person to expose myself on a cattle grid so I thought I would have a look at my old scavenger hunt posts and find a spectacular photo to share that lined up with that. An early scavenger hunt posts for me was the bench and I found sub Bee’s Benched to be absolutely captivating! I adore the way the sun glances off of their flesh, illuminating their body confidence.

 Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Teamwork makes the dream work was first published on A Leap of Faith


  1. This is what I love about Scavenger hunting, its the fun and laughter you have with friends, the unexpected locations you stumble across and the people that you have to quickly hide from whilst giggling!

    1. It has certainly strengthened certain friendships for me. That shared mischief, and watching the confidence of SWL grow while she helps me.

    1. Hehe, I’m very lucky. I also have other friends who help too, but SWL is pushing her own boundaries to help me and I love seeing her grow. X

    1. I’m constantly surprised by the transformation in me. I’ve seen a few comparable images recently and I dont feel any different, but i don’t look like the same woman. X (I love socks!)

    1. “If it isn’t fun, what is the point” is my view on much of life. I guess like Mary Poppins! And we have barely scratched the surface of mischief.

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