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With lockdown restrictions relaxing a little it was time to get my hair sorted out.

I had roots to my ears, and the blonde was a mix of mildly mottled blue, tired blonde and split ends. As it was in such a muddle I was in the salon for 3.5 hours. Which is, quite frankly, too long, but I guess I’m making up for lost hours in the chair through lockdown. I have never been very good at sitting still, waiting while the world keeps turning around me. Perhaps that is why he makes sure I rest regularly…? 

Anyway, I couldn’t resist taking a little time out for my hunt.

With the social distancing measures in place my otherwise heaving salon-of-choice was peculiarly quiet, I don’t think I could have got this shot at any other time, so I guess it is another silver lining to covid-19.

In all honesty the hairdressers may not have popped into my mind were it not for the mischievous image shared by Sex with Rose in At the hairdressers. I was pouring over her site soon after Bee relaunched the scavenger hunt. I love the lace and could feel the nerves she must have felt, exposing herself in this way.

Click the link below to find out what everyone else is up to and see how you can join in:

 Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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    1. This is not something I could have done but for Covid, yet another silver lining Marie . My heart still races thinking about it! M x

    1. Please do not mistake my boldness for fearlessness! This was by far the scariest one I’ve done

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