A hitch by any other name…


 Sometimes life goes by without a hitch.

Other times you’d be lost without one.

A few weeks back I stumbled across a twitter account belonging to a photographer and rope enthusiast. He had a thread of hitches that he loves to use. But he didn’t have my favourite…

The munter hitch.

Originally called the Italian hitch or the crossing hitch it is also named after Werner Munter, who popularised this simple adjustable knot often used in climbing, caving and rescues.  It is simple, secure and very pretty.

When I saw the prompt for August was single subject I knew immediately what I wanted to share. It is a hitch that deserves to be celebrated in all of its glory. It was embedded fairly quickly in my early days of rope because I loved the way it felt flowing through my fingers, and it featured in my first post on this blog.

Plus, I am a little bit of a rope geek.

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  1. Carefully placed rope, however simple, is always beautiful and this is no exception. The colour is striking and the whole picture feeds the imagination of any fellow rope lover. x

    1. Thank you Alethea. I always find such joy in others rope work and I’m glad others are finding the same in mine. X

    1. This is hemp from The bondage man

      I love it, firm like jute but soft and smooth like cotton. And so, so pretty x

    1. It’s very pretty isn’t it? Every time I tie with it I’m surprised at how bright it is.

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