Double trouble for #SOSS

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Last week my time slipped away so this weeks #SOSS post is two weeks rolled into one.

This week saw Elust 108  being released. If you haven’t heard of Elust before go and have a look at their blog. Each month sex bloggers submit their favourite posts and these are compiled into a monthly edition of Elust. There are so many exciting posts to read.

I spotted the Godemiche birthday sale a couple of weeks ago and may have invested in some new equipment for my toy box; SO EXCITED!!! I enjoy their videos on YouTube and their recent addition “Beginners guide to Douching/enema” was a fact filled introduction. I’ve been cleansing for nearly four years now, with mixed success, and learnt some interesting new facts to do with the process. I think it is a definite must for all those new to, or nervous about, anal play.

Submiss34f is a wonderful place to while away an hour or so. I love her pictures, but also the humility with which she posts. B is for bar is the post I was originally going to share, a picture she took long ago and that she loves but can see flaws in. Then my week rolled over, and contemplation arrived in my reader. I couldn’t decide between the two so thought I would share both for the double. This is just the tip of the iceberg though…

Submissy often makes me smile, and this week was no exception. Fire and heat is such a candid view of her need, a window into her relationship with HisLordship. The way that I can cycle through intense need and desire is something I was discussing with a fellow submissive last week. He said how hard it is when, through no fault of theirs, that desire isn’t met by D side of the relationship.

A kinky autistic is a blog that popped up this week. My eldest son has a diagnosis of autism and sensory issues so, obviously, I was scanning WordPress for some ideas to help him out. It seems that reader is aware of my likes and sensory sensitivities, sex and SM was suggested for me. Now, this isn’t exactly what I was looking for, and not immediately relevant for a 10-year-old boy. But as always there is a crossover, and I was able to extract some interesting points for my child. She posted this back in May, but I only found it this week.

Hannah Likes Dirty Words is a come back to regularly. She writes some smutty filth (or should that be filthy smut?) and I look forward to her posts in my reader. A girl on a bench, her submission for this weeks Masturbation Monday,  was particularly relatable for me.

A barefoot girl on a bench.
A barefoot girl on a bench.Urbstract Photography

Double trouble for #SOSS was originally posted on A leap of faith.

My fourth Scavenger hunt location.

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  1. another great read and thank you for the links to A kinky autistic.. more interesting reading to distract me lol

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the mention! If you have any questions about adulthood with an ASD or any concerns about your son & his diagnosis, feel free to give me a shout!

    1. You are more than welcome for the mention.
      Thank you so much for the offer, I shall give you a shout for sure.

  3. LOVE your picture, going to have to work my way through some of your recommendations, as you’ve highlighted several things I’d missed, but I too loved Hannah’s piece ‘Girl on a Bench’.

    1. I do love her blog. I somehow missed this one and so shall have a read, thank you for sharing it with me.

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