Rethinking Sexy

Rethinking sexy in an open white shirt under the shower

When I spotted the Frisky Friday meme I got my thinking cap on. It was time for me to start rethinking sexy.

“Sexy is not a shape. It’s an attitude.”

~Maddy Khanna~

The rules are short and sweet, the main point being “no naughty bits”.  Why? To encourage creativity and fun. This is not far removed from the rules for Monochromerotic, and so I decided to tie the two together in this post.

The vast majority of images I share are more explicit than that, and those…

Well, they are often not that sexy.

But I think this one may well be.

Frisky Friday.

Rethinking Sexy was first published on A Leap of Faith


    1. It’s a new one on me. I was feeling inspired by the monochomerotic idea to try something new. Thank you for hosting.

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