Body Booty-ful


Booty, bondage and lingerie- My favourites!

I have had this in my drafts folder since July last year, when I lost my mojo, and have been toying with sharing it as part of various posts since then. It never seemed to fit quite right.

But when I saw the prompt for this weeks Tie Me Up Tuesday I was so excited. Not just because it is the perfect opportunity to share the picture but because ML has used the exact tutorial, created by my friends over at Skorpion Rope. The picture above was my first attempt at this tie so it could do with a little perfecting. However, their picture tutorials match my way of learning and I would absolutely encourage everybody to give their instructions a try.

I love the way the rope and lacy knickers frame my cheeks. I remember taking this picture, and the confidence I felt looking at it. This set of ass and thighs is capable of quite amazing things, and it is nice to have a tie which celebrates that.

Just have to work on my rope handling to perfect the trophy butt!

Click the links here for Tie Me Up Tuesday and Lingerie Is for Everyone

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    1. I used two lengths for this one, and pulled tight. This is with my nylon rope which is super slippery so I had to pull really tight. Natural fibres are much more grippy, so hold to each other (and flesh) much easier. I look forward to seeing yours. Xx

  1. I always struggle a lot with picture tutorials but not at all with theirs! Makes me happy reading this prompt made you excited.

    I love your red knickers in combination with this coloured rope. It’s so pretty and even your top matches. Your bottom looks amazing in this harness!

    1. I was so excited to see my friends get a mention in someone else’s blog. They deserve all of the incognito-recognition they get.

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