No selfies in the bathroom!

public toilets

Soon after the restrictions were eased I was taken out for dinner at my local carvery.

The customer toilets are right beside the staff toilets and I was very aware of the comings and goings of staff, unsure if I would be discovered by fellow diners or not.

With my heart racing I took a few shots before visiting the cubicle, but they were so blurred I couldn’t share them here. So I tried again. No sooner had I covered up than I heard slower feet on the stairs outside. Nervous hands smoothing my jumper down in front of the mirror was the view that greeted the woman who walked into the toilets.

Phew, so close!

This week I am sharing Sex with Rose’s post: The Restroom. She has taken some stunning images for the scavenger hunt so it was about time to share one of her posts. In fact, this was the deciding factor for me choosing this weeks image.

 Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. Oh I remember when I did this same Scavenger Hunt and was almost caught when someone walked in 😉
    Great image! It almost looks like a painting in places. Love it.
    ~ Marie

    1. It is the risk that keeps me pushing the envelope on these locations. Solving problems before they arise (or trying to at least) N x

    1. Thank you Michael. I’d love to see some of your flashes too. Maybe you could join in with the scavenger hunt?

    1. These kinds of images really make me feel alive. (Or remind me that I have a heart beating in my chest…trying to escape!)

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