Beautiful mouth from shared on there's a first time for everything.

There’s a first time for everything

Beautiful mouth from shared on there's a first time for everything.
Image: Beautiful mouth

Over the two weeks that followed No Mercy Manor I spent some time getting to know CK.

More specifically, as my marks from JD faded my curiosity was piqued around CKs main kink, Vore. It had been a brand new fetish to me, and I was able to expand my understanding through some well thought out viewing recommendations and articles along with his personal insights. We arranged to meet up for a walk on my next child free evening and so, on the friday, after dropping them with their dad I made the journey around the moor to meet him.

People are a constant source of fascination for me and it was an absolute joy to talk with him while we walked.

We are a similar age, share some interests in the vanilla world and he is such an interesting soul; it really felt like I had made a good friend. The sun had set well before I arrived and the moon lit up the sky as we mooched around the vast and deserted cemetery, and I got the chance to speak to him in greater depth about his kink. In a way that isn’t possible by private message on fetlife.

What struck me most was his interpretation of being “taken in” by a kind and gentle Giantess, rather than being eaten.

It helped me see the calm way that the Goddess in his favourite video was part of the attraction. That the fantasy of being swallowed whole by a giantess and given a warm, safe haven in her tummy gave him the same sense of peace and security as I had found in the boundaries set by Sir, the bonds of my submission. As we arrived back at my car we fell into a deep kiss. I couldn’t tell you who instigated it, but I’d have been surprised if it was me. Though knowing CK as I do now…

I have no idea!

What I do know is that I spotted a generous bulge in his jeans and as we had crossed an intimacy line in the hot tub two weeks previously, when he had gnawed on my soles, it seemed natural to reach over and ask if he would mind. He was very keen and unzipped his fly, freeing himself from the confines of the denim. First he stroked, and I was fixated on that confident, experienced hand as it travelled up and down his now fully hard cock. I couldn’t wait, and as soon as I had the go ahead I had him in my mouth.

Though he was enthusiastic he seemed almost nervous.

So different to the men I would normally be enjoying in this way, but I have rarely seen such a magnificent eruption!

It wasn’t until we arrived back at his home that he told me he had never done that before. Thinking he meant he hadn’t had a blow job in a car before I enquired about his general experiences. When he shared that he had never been touched by another I felt awful! I had taken one of his firsts, in a car beside a cemetery.

And he had been waiting so long.

Statistically the average age that UK people lose their virginity is 16-17. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about other people’s sex lives (unless it involves me) and would never judge another’s choices, but I felt I had wasted his opportunity to make things special. I  was mortified that I had stolen something precious from him, as a casual encounter. But as I write I remember my first sexual encounter. It was courtesy of a Smurf who gave me oral in the back of my friends car. That was actually pretty memorable, and I certainly wouldn’t change it!

Maybe I shouldn’t feel as despicable as I have done previously.

CK and I have a gentle friendship, and I am always happy to speak to him. I know he struggles with life sometimes, and I love that he can drop me a message and talk to me about absolutely anything. I guess if you are going to give one of your “firsts” to someone it is good if they are trustworthy and a good person.

Perhaps that is more important than following what society dictates is the right way of doing things?

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There’s a first time for everything was first published on A Leap of Faith
Image: Beautiful mouth, courtesy of Clipart Library


  1. I have never heard of ‘vore’ before, and it just goes to show we are never too old to learn new things. As for the first time, have you spoken to him about it after it happened, to see how he feels about it? The thought crossed my mind that he might view this first time the same as you view yours? Thank you for sharing.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Vore is an interesting one, for sure. I still don’t understand how it works, but then I have some niche interests myself. 😉

      We have spoken about it, and he is happy.

      It’s just that guilty feeling of unwittingly taking one of his firsts. If I’d known before would I have done anything differently? I don’t know. I’ve helped a number of people enjoy things for the first time so probably not. I guess it just feels kind if a big deal and I could have been a bit more sensitive to his needs. At least my smurf knew. I think… 😉x

  2. Ah it looks like I am statistically normal as in the age I first had intercourse – I was just 17 – you know what I mean 😉
    Vore – interesting – going to check that out now
    May x

    1. I had to get a statistics reference in there, but yes, it’s odd to be “normal” for a change. 😊
      N x

  3. I was unsure where this was going when I first started reading. Definitely not disappointed as you show beng true to yourself is more important than social norms

    1. This is part of the ongoing story of me that makes the backbone of my blog. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed it.

      I think if more people were able to be authentically themselves, rather than fitting in with what they thought they SHOULD be doing, then the world would be a much lighter place.

    1. I certainly hope so, he’s a lovely man and deserves wonderful experiences. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

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