On your marks, get set, LiFE


This week has been quite a contrast to the last one.

Refreshed from a rest and so busy that my productivity everywhere else has sky rocketed. I’ll never understand how that works.

The marks are helping too.

Raising the hem at my waist or dipping the neckline have raised a smile all week, and poking the marks from last night’s task when managing bickering children makes everything seem bathed in sunshine.

Yes, this week has been markedly different.


On your marks, get set, LiFEwas first published on A Leap of Faith


    1. We may be apart, but to be creating my own marks for his entertainment is something I never would have imagined doing a few years ago. And they are no less giddy-making (not sure if that’s an actual word but it works) for being made by me.

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