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A place is only as good as the people in it


It has been an interesting time over the last couple of months.

Lockdown has been, generally, very positive. I consider myself very lucky to have two wonderful small humans for company, and am incredibly grateful for the time that I get to rest and recover over the weekends they spend with their dad. I have a lot of contact via text, email and call; it’s lovely to have such an awesome network of friends.

What I miss is face to face adult company and companionable silence.

With the news last weekend that my children would be home until september, at least, I was floored. It wasn’t a shock as such, but for an intelligent woman I had managed to bury my head in the sand a little. This led to feelings of guilt that I am looking forward to the routine of daily school and actual learning happening instead of the near daily battles with a small boy and autistic rage from a strong pre-teen. It was a short lived pity party but it led to a tearful exchange with S-W-L. I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere fast, so we decided to leave it for the night and get our heads together the following day.

I slept like an over-tired toddler, and woke to a message from S-W-L

It wasn’t all about the extended school closures, she reminded me. The restrictions on movement would be loosened slightly in the UK and we would be able to travel for exercise. She knows me well, and totally understands my need for Dartmoor in dark times, and as she was worried about me she told me to think of somewhere on the moor and we would meet for a walk at a distance, from each other and from the world. I chose a spot I know well which is generally quite quiet, and almost exactly half way between the two of us. Getting there was challenging, we both had to drive through the busiest Dartmoor traffic either of us has ever seen. Even more so than August bank holiday weekends! But getting up high the crowds more or less disappeared, and as we slipped off on an alternative path we were granted the isolation we both required.

Falling into step on parallel paths we enjoyed each others’ company, laughing, joking and just being at one with the sky.

Climbing to the top of a new-to-me tor we rested a while, basking in the energy of seclusion in nature. Just as it always does the moor topped up my soul with sparkles. Never one to miss an opportunity, I asked for her help to make a new entry in my Tits out tor bagging adventures, and with me sporting my freshly penned marks I stripped off and we giggled like schoolgirls in the stiff breeze and balmy sunshine. Then we descended, back to our cars, heading home in seperate directions. No farewell hug but lots of residual warmth of an afternoon well spent.

The joy of friendship, with both a person and a place.

Sinful Sunday



A place is only as good as the people in it was first published on A Leap of Faith.


  1. The combination of your tights, the shorts and your naked body is so nice. I love how you’re hiding yourself with your arms while you’re completely exposed in nature, as well as exposed by the text!

    1. There was a beautiful picture of me with my arms spread that He enjoyed. I definitely filled up my soul with joy yesterday.

  2. I love your creative writing exercise !!! And your creativity in making such lovely use of the setting!!!
    Oh, and I know what you mean about being busier than normal … our afternoon stroll in our local park had us stepping more off the path, than on, to let passers-by … pass by !!!
    Xxx – K

    1. It’s easy to see why people get grumpy about it being so busy, but I think we all need the time outdoors. And stepping off the path and taking mini detours just adds to the daily steps total so it’s not all bad 😉

      N xx

    1. I think you and I have a similar relationship with nature 😉 it certainly let’s me break out the mischief a little easier

  3. Hugs to you… I am really starting to struggle with this lockdown. I actually don’t mind being mostly at home but I would like the opportunity to see a few people in my life. I can’t imagine living like this for months and months more


    1. I have to remember how lucky we are that this is happening now, when we have the ability to see our loved ones via the internet. But there is something about standing in silence with someone who has held your hand in dark times, just looking at the clouds (we found a butt plug!)

      Sending you a big squeeze back. It’s hard, but we shall get there. And on the other side those hugs will be even more magic!

      N x

  4. What a wonderful thing to do – I have spent time on Dartmoor too and adore it.
    Love the image, so many things to look at
    May x

    1. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite places I’ve enjoyed to date. I wonder if it will stay in top spot as my travels increase? N x

    1. I did well choosing this corner of the world to live in. We are spoilt with wide expanses of isolation, and a generous number of naturist beaches too. I think its probably easier being a woman too, people are much less likely to get offended at boobs than they are the penis.

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