Relaxing in rubber.

Relaxing and rubber were two words that a year ago wouldn’t have sounded right together.

It’s odd how in a year I’ve changed from being minutely curious about latex and a little scared, to missing it and my time spent relaxing in rubber.

It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed any rubbery play time, either alone or with MrLatex. I’ve been looking through my pictures and found one that instantly made me want to play. (if only I weren’t staying with family away from home) It’s from the same play session as this one but shows a different side to me.

The side that loves to suck cock!

Particularly when that cock is straining for release due to the excitement of a new smokey black opaque catsuit.

Sinful Sunday

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Backstage Girl

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There I was, outside the door that would take me to him.

I had dreamt about this moment since he first came into my life, since the first time I was allowed to see him, albeit a photograph. Though the fantasy that I knew would never be brought to reality had been deep-rooted since my teens, being invited to one of his gigs was almost as good. I could stand in the crowd, listen to him play, watch his fingers dance over the frets knowing exactly what those fingers could do. I would mirror those fingers as I followed my instructions, to edge myself during the course of his set. I wasn’t allowed to orgasm, but he wanted to be able to find my eyes and see my heat through the crowd.

Dressed to his exacting standards I would have easy access to touch myself.

Knee length swing skirt, lacy black knickers stuffed inside (“we can’t have you dripping down your thighs N”), heels that I could stand in for the duration and a halter neck latex vest. I’d been asked to wear make up too, with lots of mascara and slut red lips, nails to match. Pushing the door to the bar open I made my way to order a drink. While waiting for service I leant forward feeling the air tickle across the back of my thighs, and the cane stripes from our scene the previous week. I felt fingers tracing a line up the sensitive flesh and gasped as he whispered in my ear “don’t turn around, remember, we don’t know each other… Just pretend I’m not here…” and as he reached over to grab the water bottle being handed over to him I felt him lift my skirt to expose my pussy to anyone who may have been stood behind us. My body flooded with the kind of heat that only comes from such erotic shame. Swollen lips pulsed around my lacy knickers and as I groaned quietly I heard him chuckle as he stepped away from me.

Shortly after that the lighting changed and the band took to the stage.

There he was, just as I had always known he would be. His energy just as powerful up on stage with his mates as it was in our time together. As the set list continued I gyrated to the music, edging but never allowing myself to crest. He knew that this was one of my favourite things in private, for solo tasks or for play, but he liked to push me, and public play was always a favourite fantasy. Now, NOW it was proving too much. Very occasionally our eyes would meet. I had rarely been allowed to look into is eyes, and now I felt so vulnerable under his gaze I could barely hold it together. Somehow I did, and as the encore finished he surreptitiously nodded to a door beside the stage, signalling  me to meet him there. Ten minutes later the door cracked open, and I crept through into the dark space beyond, not wanting to draw attention to myself. “Do you know what it did to me, watching you play with yourself tonight? I saw the pain cross your face as you stopped 8 times.” All the while he was pacing around me in the dark room, I couldn’t make out what was surrounding us, but he clearly knew the space like the back of his hand. “Slut, MY slut, come…” and he kissed me deeply before taking my hand, slowly walking me through the void as he attached cuffs at my wrists. Folding me over what felt like a large speaker he attached more cuffs at my knees, and bound it to the matching wrist. I was stuck now. on all fours over this unknown article.

He then pulled on a latex hood. It covered my nose but nothing below.

Hearing the lights click on and his footsteps return he started talking again. “A tease, that’s what you are. You now need to make amends for my discomfort tonight. You will start with my cock” and with that he rubbed his jean clad mound in my face. I could feel his thickness growing behind the thick fabric, before I could grasp the zipper between my teeth He had pulled his turgid length free. I could hear his breathing change while my mouth and tongue worked hard to please him, delighting in the pre-cum that always. Tasted. So. Sweet. Hearing his dark chuckle as he grabbed my head and started to use my throat for his pleasure.  As I gagged and drooled he pulled my head back and insisted I be more careful. He had to get back to his band mates soon after all!

I couldn’t be sure, but was that a chortle?

Slapping my cheek he lowered my head back down to his cock, pushing between my slut red lips, it was me marking him tonight. I heard him again “Go for it.” Huh? Then what sounded like a condom wrapper. Perhaps he is preparing…? As he retreated to allow me a rasping, gasping breath there was pressure at my asshole and ohhhhhhhhh, that’s-not-Sir…  I could barely register what was happening before his cock was placed at my lips, teasingly this time. My tongue reaching out to taste him. Them? There was another head there now.  I tried to concentrate on both cocks as my ass was used roughly by the first unknown man, but I felt Him shift away while the friend stepped up to take His place, gently placing his cock in my mouth and allowing me to work my magic. “Use her properly!” called the stranger behind me “Don’t waste your chance with this slut?”

“I think we should move her now” came His voice.

And with that He reached down and pulled my panties from my hot, wet hole. Swiftly replacing the second strangers cock with my soaked knickers. Listening to them talk I realised they thought I was a random slut from the crowd, desperate to be their backstage girl. As I was moved onto my back more condom wrappers were removed. He started to torture my flesh by pinching my nipples and grazing my swollen clit with those deft fingers. I was soon floating. Initially just one cock was  fucking me, then with a bit of scrambling I was enjoying double and then triple penetration. His hand never leaving my sweaty, trembling body as waves of orgasm threatened to overwhelm me.

Once the band had enjoyed me, they cleaned themselves up. 

Emptying their used condoms all over my heaving breasts, they left me to rub it in, laughing as they left. “MY slut, you did so well tonight,” hands running over my swollen, wet flesh. One hand raised cum from my chest to my lips, the other removed the hood. “Perfect” he cooed as I sucked his finger clean and looked into his eyes, black streaks running down my cheeks. It had all been part of the plan, His Master plan “MY beautiful slut”. Now I could thank him properly for making my fantasy reality.

I had been His backstage girl.

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Backstage Girl was first published on A Leap of Faith.

Sinfully Chopping


Chopping made sinful.

Chopping in the latex hood is one way to make sure my hair doesn’t fall in the dinner…

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Sinful Sunday


My only requirement for life is that I don’t get stuck in a rut.


Though there was sadness at not being owned, I understood and accepted the turn of events.

If wanted to make the most of my life and not be stuck at home wallowing in the what ifs I had to get going. I knew that I wasn’t looking for a new dominant, I wasn’t ready for that, but I did want to get out and meet new people, make friends with fellow kinksters who I would be able to explore with. There were events on Fetlife which interested me, but I was shy of going along on my own. I had no idea what others on the local scene would be like, or how they would react to a new female submissive entering their midst. Hindsight is a wonderful thing….

I spent a little time getting to know people on Fetlife. 

One of the first people I had been interested by was a rigger and photographer about an hours drive from me. I had liked some of his pictures, and we had been in vague contact since. He and his wife were quite well-known in their local community and were in the process of relaunching a fetish event local to them. I sent the event page a message asking about it, and wondering how safe it would be for a single submissive woman to attend on her own. As I knew no-one I was rightly nervous. I received a reply very quickly and after a little back and forth we arranged that I would go to meet the pair of them one sunday afternoon. My visit to their home would be sandwiched between her slave cleaning her home, and her son being dropped off mid afternoon.

I was nervous about meeting this couple, even though it was just for tea and a chat.

I needn’t have been though. They were so welcoming, and they made an excellent cup of tea….or should I say truth serum! As we chattered away, sharing kinky ideas and experiences, I may have let slip a few things that would bite me. She needed to go shopping, but suggested he and I have a play, as we were both getting along well. Nothing too intense, just a little fun. I thought that sounded great, and with time on my side we ran through my limits. I took my clothes off while he got some bits and pieces together, and before I knew it I was blindfolded, hooded, collared and handcuffed. Over the next hour or so, I was brought to within a moment of orgasm a number of times (NEVER mention to A Dom/me couple that you fancy more orgasm denial), made to gag and drool like a good girl, and teased with the taste of him on my lips…

Then things took a different turn

While I was seated on my bottom I was released from the cuffs, gag and collar. The jangling of metal, the snap of it around my wrists, then neck, and finally ankles…I was stuck…utterly stuck… His voice, so full of praise just minutes earlier, commanding me to roll onto all fours.


Images from to show the device.

I’m not sure who thought it was funnier, me or Him, but I wish there had been a camera…so undignified…but entertaining those with whom I play is a thrill, and it was so much fun! A moment that will stay with me for a long time to come. Then the serious stuff came. It was time for my feet and cheeks to receive some attention. While my feet turned to tingling blocks on the ends of my legs, and my bottom started to sing with the whip, I heard another woman’s laugh, and I knew that the Mistress of the house was home, and approved of my predicament. And the biting of my soles after he had thrashed then, new realms of pleasure to explore.

How had I never known my feet were an erogenous zone, and each and every time they are battered and bruised it becomes clearer that this is the case…

When asked how I felt in that moment, bound and beaten, with my face crushed into the carpet, I responded ‘liberated.‘ I find the freedom to be me, just me, when I’m at my most vulnerable. It was such a pleasure to meet this couple, and I don’t believe I have ever tasted such a delicious cup of tea as the one I had while trembling on their comfy chair, floating back to earth through the post-play haze. With Sir and my other experiences up until this point, I had accepted that my kinks were a part of me. I felt that now I would be learning where I fit into the world of kinks.

My world was changing, and I wasn’t going to let myself get stuck again.


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