wrapped in rubber in my new see through dress.

I Want To Be Wrapped In Rubber

Wrapped in rubber, in my new see through dress.

It feels so good to be wrapped in rubber. I never understood what a sensory delight it can be, until I tried it out last year. It is somewhat addictive, the sensation of tight material. The effort required to insert oneself into the outfit is fun in itself, and sets the sweat glands on a merry mission to electrify your skin once you’re in.

Apparently I’ve become a real latex lover!

I would urge anyone (without a latex allergy) to get on and give it a try. It is surprisingly forgiving, my lumps, bumps and wobbly bits being my main fears before trying it out for size. I guess having a latex fetishist initiate me, I was always going to be made to feel sexy in it.

This point of view is backed up by the excitement that my new dress arrived this morning. After my oldest finally settled to bed I could try it on. A long overdue excursion into this delightfully seductive material. Who wants to polish me up to a more beautiful shine?

If you like this you will love the shoes that were delivered alongside this gorgeous little outfit.

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