F is for

F is for Sinful Sunday

Photographer is Urbstract Photography and rigger is Angel666jr

No, that’s not right!!

F is for:

  • Filthy
  • Fetid
  • Freckled
  • Flying
  • Foot

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Sinful Sunday


F is for Sinful Sunday was first published on A Leap of Faith


    1. There are pictures I’m holding onto for February photofest. For now the story…. I have some wonderful, adventurous friends ?x x

  1. So this ticks so many boxes for me it is unreal. The rope and the dirty feet that speak to being outdoors, maybe running away, being hunted and then the position is one that I find a huge turn on, being tied up like that, legs open no choice but to take it…. SO FUCKING HOT


    1. It works on so many levels, doesn’t it.
      The full image of this will be coming up next month. Fortunately the prompt for this week leant itself wonderfully to sharing one of these beautiful images.

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