Sinful spoons

Time to manage my spoons.

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone wants one of my spoons!

Just over a year ago I learnt of the Spoons Theory. It has been suggested that each of us has a certain amount of spoons each morning when we wake up, and over the course of the day we use those spoons to stir different pots, until they run out. Sometimes we can borrow from the following day but… that leaves us with less spoons for the following days pots. My understanding is that when I am struggling with my depression I have less spoons, so can stir less pots. Constantly borrowing from the next day leaves me in a bit of a muddle until I run out completely and everything comes crashing down around me.

And at this time of year there are a lot of pots that need stirring!!

Much earlier this year I was able to change my thinking on spoons a little bit. A friend shared a ted talk (my first ever) and I then went on a binge, stumbling across Sarah Knight and The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. I have had a number of breakthrough moments this year, where I have learnt to manage my life and depression, and her idea on a fuck budget has helped me use my spoons effectively, while still being a decent human being.

So Christmas…

I don’t celebrate christmas for me, I do it for my children. But I am learning to use my spoons carefully to keep them happy and myself well.

My gift to you:

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Sinful Sunday
Sinful spoons was first published on A Leap of Faith.

Sinfully spread for sinful sunday

Originally posted here.

I’m actually quite fond of my pussy. I like the way that I can drive myself insane with touch. I also like the way that it can send men a little bit crazy…

When Sir was learning my body through physical contact and video clips there was also a large amount of self discovery occurring.

Watching porn as a youngster I always worried that my voluptuous lips were hideous, not helped by the regular taunts from P about my “fat fanny.” It’s amazing what a little self acceptance, and self love can do. And I do love this part of my self.


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Sinful Sunday


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