Sinfully spread for sinful sunday

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I’m actually quite fond of my pussy. I like the way that I can drive myself insane with touch. I also like the way that it can send men a little bit crazy…

When Sir was learning my body through physical contact and video clips there was also a large amount of self discovery occurring.

Watching porn as a youngster I always worried that my voluptuous lips were hideous, not helped by the regular taunts from P about my “fat fanny.” It’s amazing what a little self acceptance, and self love can do. And I do love this part of my self.


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Sinful Sunday



  1. It is terrible the way that comments can make people feel about themselves. I am so pleased that you have been able to overcome this and love yourself 🙂

    1. It’s so great to read that others overcome lack of confidence. I know there are some ladies who read my posts and lack self worth. Hopefully, by seeing that things can change they will be able to learn to love themselves too.

  2. The ways the people make us feel bad about our bodies is just awful. I’m glad you got away from that and discovered yourself. I’m a huge fan of that pose too. It’s such an invitation shot

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