Beyond a certain point the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.


It was soon time to meet with H again.

We had been in regular contact over the two weeks since we went out for dinner, we had discussed my likes, concerns and boundaries. I had asked questions which had been answered openly and easily. He had hired a play space for the evening, and we had arranged that he would pick me up from a service station and drive up together. That would mean I could relax and we could chat easily about any last-minute worries.

I was safer than at my previous encounter but I still had a lot to figure out!

He had already given me his telephone number and car registration, I even knew where he worked. At the time I didn’t have anyone I could tell where I was going, or what I was doing, but he didn’t know that, and I felt safe in his company, comfortable and relaxed on the drive up. When we arrived at the studio I was introduced to the owner who gave me a tour. I made a cup of tea and wandered around the rooms taking it all in. This was my first visit to an official dungeon, and I was surprised at all of the toys on display, the ropes and equipment. It also was clean, light and airy… Not what I had been expecting. The play space upstairs was well equipped, and the area downstairs was comfortable and relaxed. Drinking my tea, H went upstairs to organise the things that he had brought, before coming back down for me. Then it was my turn…

H bustled down the stairs and ushered me up them ahead of him. 

I took my clothes off, as we had discussed, and I was directed to the spanking bench which I folded myself over and the spanking began. With my behind nice and warm H tried out his belt and then his cane. I was more than comfortable to continue, his technique felt good and even, and he checked in regularly. It was our first time playing together, and I was unsurprised that he was gentle at this stage, I wasn’t stretched or outside of my comfort zone. So we changed equipment, and I offered up my feet for him to cane. This was what I had come for, the reason we had started talking. To say I was excited about this part of our session would be an understatement, but I was also a little nervous.

I needn’t have worried about how things would progress.

As H had been gentle on my backside, an area which was an established pleasure zone for me during impact play, it followed suit that he would not push me when he started work on my feet. He wouldn’t want to scare me off after all! I enjoyed the sensations a great deal, when I had used the spoon on my soles I had felt a nice tingly pleasure over my feet with each sting. As the cane strokes fell on that evening the tingling spread up my calves, it was altogether pleasant and I was a happy lady. I knew that this would be an area that I could push myself in, I would love to find out how far those tingles would spread. With H satisfied with his foot caning we changed equipment again. and while I lay down he produced a Lelo wand and used it on me until I reached orgasm, and that was the end of our play session.

I dressed and we tidied up the play space before going downstairs again.

Once there he handed me the wand, telling me that he had bought it for me that day, that it was top of the range and I should really enjoy it. Then he pulled out a selection of sandwiches, drinks and biscuits, insisting that I eat…once again he didn’t… but we had a nice chat about the space, what we had both enjoyed and what could be different another time.  As long as he was happy I knew there would be another time as I was curious about whether I could take more, and whether he could give more. And he was happy with that, though I did ask him not to bring me prawn sandwiches again, as prawns are a hard limit and I did not want to offend him by not eating them.

A small thing I know, but he was happy with my request. 

Following a brief chat with the owner, and making sure that everything was as I had found it, we were on our way again, back to the service station where my car was parked, and then off to our separate homes. I was armed with my new toy, and my brain was whirring around with the possibilities for a future session with H. I knew I would have to get used to a different style and not compare H to sir; try to forget the intensity from before and enjoy H and his foot fetish for what they were.

My initiation into Bastinado had begun in earnest.




  1. I read with great interest your account of your first bastinado session, as I had always been fascinated by bastinado and punishing female feet,though it has always been only a theoretical pursuit of this theme. You must have a very high pain tolerance to accept it the way you did. You call yourself “thebarefootsub” and in my opinion a sub should always be barefoot where and when it is possible, I think it is highly attractive in a pretty lady. Are you used to being barefoot and might that be a reason why you can enjoy also such a painful treatment as bastinado?

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I do have a fairly high pain threshhold, but I also believe I process pain in a different way to many other people. It is what my body does with the pain that leads to me enjoying bastinado (and in fact all impact play that I have experienced to date)

      I am used to being barefoot, and have walked many miles without shoes. I love the connection to the earth, although I do appreciate the practical side of shoes. As for my submission, I wear what sir suggests. Left to my own devices my preference is for bare feet, but ultimately his choice is my favourite… Even when I stumble around looking funny in heels.. one day I will get to grips with being graceful and elegant in heels. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your extensive answer. You made me curious: what is your body able to do with pain, how can it be processed in a different way from other people’s reactions?

    If I were in your sir’s place you would have to ask for permission to wear shoes in special cases, in which they are more or less necessary. As for myself I love the feeling of the various textures of the ground under my bare soles and it has made my immune system much stronger being barefoot whenever an opportunity is offered. Being barefoot can be a wonderful expression of submission, but also of strength in dominant and in submissive persons. Fact is, that the submissive must be at least as strong a personality as a dom, and I feel great respect for a woman who dares to submit willingly.

    1. In answer to your question about my what my body does with pain…. You will have to keep following my blog 😉

      There may even be some barefoot adventures coming up too…

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