In a pinch for #Boobday.

Credit: Tony James Photography

Sometimes I need to pinch myself when I see how far I have come.

It has been a difficult journey for me to learn to love the whole me. As I have documented on here often enough I struggled with my breasts for a long time. This picture, taken in a recent shoot with the theme “Anonymous kink” shows the area I am most sensitive about in a new light. The harsh glinting metal are in such contrast to the softness of my flesh and suppleness of the skin. The pinch and pull creating a sharp angle.

This picture makes me smile.

I may not have looked twice at this were it not for the weekly meme Every Friday is Boobday. A space for owners and admirers of breasts to sing their praises.


Pop on over to here to see what others are up to for #Boobday, or click the lips for more beautiful pictures on February Photofest.

boob day meme

February Photofest
In A Pinch For #Boobday was first published on A Leap of Faith.

A work in progress, but I can guarantee… I’m worth it.


My breasts in the spotlight.

Underneath a bold exterior lies a fragile confidence. My breasts come to the back of the line for that confidence for so many reasons but… Sir is encouraging me to see things differently, a recent blip triggered a very challenging task…

It must be a challenge for him to see me take the occasional step back but I am a work in progress. 

Aren’t we all?

I adore the shape of my breast and nipple in this picture. 

Photo by Urbstract Photography

Sinful Sunday


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