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Tat’s The Way To Do It

The barefoot sub exposing her breast for Tats the way to do it

All of my tattoos have a story, but this one is two fold.

It has been a little over a year since I had my last inky addition, but even as I was in the chair I knew there were more to come. It is just over 6 months since plans were put in place for a new piece, this time between my shoulders. A collaboration between my boys plus a Celtic symbol that I love. My idea came together nicely with a little artistic guidance from my tattooist.

There was a long delay in having this one placed because of covid-19, and all of the studios being closed. But as soon as they reopened I was itching to get booked back in. As my artist was clearly going to be backed up I left him in peace for a while, He messaged me a couple of weeks back offering me a slot! I couldn’t refuse and booked in for the first day I had clear once the boys were back in school.

Had I been able to get this done in April, as originally planned, two things would have been different. The favourite colours of both children have changed, thankfully. And I would not have even considered picking up the location for the scavenger hunt.

With the scavenger hunt in mind I chose my outfit carefully. I had in my mind that I would be able to take off my vest top and have freedom to take pictures as much as I liked. But when I got there I asked if the straps were in the way and I needed to remove it. After positioning the design he said that there was plenty of space and I could keep my top on.

I have rarely been so disappointed in my life!!

No matter, I know that part of the thrill for me is the sneaking of images, so I took advantage of him pottering around sorting out colours, needles and Vaseline. When I captured this one, with him working behind me, visible but invisible, I felt pretty pleased. Unsure whether it was clear where I was I sent to an unsuspecting friend with the question “where am I?” (Unsuspecting because he didn’t know I was getting a new tattoo, rather than sending an unsolicited tit-pic)

His immediate response: “Tattoo Parlour.”

And so I knew this was the picture to share here.

But who can I showcase this week?

There were four others to choose from, so my most popular location in weeks. As I would personally choose ink over metal pretty much every time, I have picked A to sub Bee, with Bee-ing Inked. Their very personal design is just fabulous, and who doesn’t love a cheeky flash?!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze
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  1. I know how you feel, I have my next one planned and I’ve had a looooong delay whilst I’ve waited for the studios to re-open, fingers crossed they don’t get closed down again before I manage to get it done!

    1. Exciting! We were talking about how hair salons were allowed to open way before the studios, when studios sanitise everything between clients anyway. Let’s hope the government see sense and keeps them open.

  2. I like how you can just about see his face behind you, which shows how sneakily you took this picture!
    I find it funny that both your boys changed their favourite colours. Let’s hope they remain the same now lol

    1. I was so relieved that they did. The original colours… um, nope.

      I of the 3 images I took this one felt cheekiest. Another win for covid though, couldn’t have done this if the studio was being used as normal

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