Exposed At A Distillery

Barefoot exposed at the distillery in Fortnum and Mason

This weekend I had plans with SWL. We were off to a Rum festival! I had also thought we might be able to bag the “festival” location for my Scavenger Hunt. Plans, however, are made to be changed. SWL and I had a lovely weekend, being very silly indeed! This meant my Sinful Sunday plans had to change too, and so I find myself sharing the day I was exposed at a distillery…

In a nod to a missed Rum festival, I took a memory trip back to our last adventure weekend.

When we went to the West End and I promised many more Scavenger Hunt locations. I don’t know if you have ever been to Fortnum and Mason’s, but I hadn’t. On this, my first visit, SWL made a beeline for the distillery. Standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat I realised that I’d soon be (briefly) exposed for the camera.

The distillery location is one that I have wanted to be exposed near for sooooo long. You may remember when SWL got Bike Lockers in Plymouth, almost two years ago, that I mentioned our thwarted attempt at the Plymouth Gin Distilery. There have been other attempts but none came together. Until a bank holiday weekend adventure in the big smoke.

I’m not a Gin drinker, unless in a tight spot – like at 20 miles in to my first marathon.

After a quick flash and lots of jar sniffs, I definitely I was in one of those! The staff member returned and started talking so we HAD to test them. Flushed, with gin or just blushes, we giggled our way off to the stairs for our next adventure.

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